Yunnan, Qujing, the implementation of the main river water environment protection, river long manage jessica rabbit

The main rivers in Yunnan Qujing water environmental protection long river system management   effective channel — Yunnan — Qujing on 14 October, (tiger compliance will) reporter 13 PM from the Qujing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Yunnan province was informed that in 2012, the city established a major river water environmental protection long river system "management, to 2015, 26 rivers in the city included in the monitoring of the 36 section water quality compliance rate increased from 78.9% in 2011 to 90.3% in 2015, an increase of 11.4 percentage points, the city’s water quality has improved significantly. Qujing is located in the Pearl River, Dianchi water source engineering Niulanjiang River Basin and other sensitive areas, water environmental protection situation is grim, in the city’s 12 state-controlled and provincial control monitoring sections, kylin District Xuanwei old camp bridge, Gong Xiangjiaba 2 section water quality is not standard. Qujing municipal environmental protection bureau Party Secretary Yang Qingdong told reporters in Qujing, more than 70% of the land area in the Pearl River in Nanpanjiang Basin, the rest of the Kraal River Basin, two major river basins in Qujing city became the source of life. In recent years, we continue to increase water environmental protection efforts, innovation and working mechanism, a solid grasp of basin water pollution prevention and control, the environmental protection planning "Kraal River 2010-2020" "the source of the Pearl River (by Jing section) the overall scheme of water pollution control (2016 – 2019)" work plan." Yang Qingdong said that in 2012, Qujing established the main river water environmental protection long river system management, clear the city’s 18 major rivers water quality standards by the local government leaders as the first responsible person, the establishment of the exit section of water quality in the transfer system, the formation of the downstream water environment protection and ecological system linkage construction, job responsibilities and taking into account the water environmental protection responsibility system. At the same time, further strengthening of the pollution of industrial waste water, mine water, sewage, wastewater and other sources of iatrogenic regulatory governance, sewage and industrial wastewater, living built 11 sewage treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment facilities, 445 units (sets). Through monitoring and analysis, 12 state-controlled, province controlled section of water is "11th Five-Year" during the compliance rate increased by 16 percentage points to 83.3%, the city’s long river system in 2012 36 assessment section of water quality compliance rate increased by 11.4 percentage points to 90.3%. "This fully shows that the water quality of the whole Qujing has improved significantly." Yang Qingdong said. In addition, Qujing is also being used for 16 at or above the county level centralized drinking water sources designated drinking water source protection areas, increase the protection of areas within the scope of the inspection efforts, to prohibit drinking water source protection zone construction and water supply facilities and protection of water resources construction projects, prohibit the drinking water grade two protection area construction the emission of pollutants, to carry out assessment of drinking water quality monitoring and drinking water source environmental conditions, environmental safety hazards investigation, timely rectification of problems. After monitoring and analysis, the quality of drinking water sources stable standards. For rural drinking water sources, this year we also launched the city’s rural (town) drinking water survey, water conservation planning." Yang Qingdong)相关的主题文章: