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Yu Junjian after 30 years of experience in the field have still had a front – Tears Beijing Yu Junjian thirty years ago with the ensemble of teams to go to the front line condolences soldiers following last year held "soldiers of the song" large concert, not long ago, Yu Junjian will be fifteen songs re orchestration series song, assembled into an album "Chinese contemporary battlefield the song". As a military singer, Yu Junjian always full of military complex. He said that last year to do a concert, there are leaders asked him what figure. His answer was: "no one has done it now.". As a veteran, I had to do it, and that’s what we were taught at that time." "Fifteen moon", "goodbye mother", "little white poplar"…… A familiar melody let people back to an era not far away. More than and 30 years ago, Yu Junjian as a wenyibing ensemble, on several occasions to Chinese southern border war front, experienced fire smoke, met another batch of young soldiers, feel the great spirit of the Chinese soldiers died for the country, these vivid and capable of evoking praises and tears, the memory of Yu Junjian The imprint is engraved on my heart. firm soldiers singing faith, he also became the inspiration for many later songs. To open the album, like Yu Junjian opened thirty years of deep memory. "There is no strong country where there is a happy home" is the year when Yu Junjian came back from the front to write. He told the Beijing evening news reporter, in front of the night, he slept in the rural reaches the border, standing guard in front of the soldiers. "I asked a young soldier, afraid of war? He said he was not afraid of. I say why. He said, I am not dead, other people’s children will die, die to the dead!" On the way back, Yu Junjian always thought the soldier’s words, so there is a pen the lyrics: "I turned eighteen in March, to join the army to leave home". "The hills covered with Camellia" this song lyrics are written by Yu Junjian, is he for this album to write a new song. Yu Junjian said, in Yunnan, Guangxi camellia is a common plant, so there were a lot of songs with red camellia metaphor of the soldiers’ lives, has become thirty years after the events of the past memories of the visual impression. "The first time I say goodbye to the front, only dozens of Malipo martyrs cemetery grave. When in 1986 the last time I came here, it is nearly 1000 all over the mountains and plains of the tomb, in the face of these dead souls for the Republic, I can’t stop crying." Here, Yu Junjian can not help but tearful eyes, choking for a long time. Yu Junjian was at the front he survived, recalls a jeep, after the Laoshan Nanwenhe front to show sympathy, where the road twists and turns, roadside fast flowing, it is easy to get lost. After the return of the show, the sky is black, driving on the mountain road, Yu Junjian suddenly found the car in the direction of the flow along the road. "I suddenly felt wrong, said the water is not how you do South flow, going south? The driver a sudden brake, then a turn by a battalion commander on our car, and then he pulled out a gun and said! As soon as we turned a corner, the ball came." Yu Junjian painted 7相关的主题文章: