Yin Lichuan, director of mourning for Qiao Renliang remember the best of you (video) running man20130526

Director Yin Lichuan mourning Qiao Renliang: remember you the best way forward micro-blog director Yin Lichuan director Yin Lichuan mourning Qiao Renliang memorial service time will be held in Shanghai in September 21st the Tencent entertainment news on the morning of 22, director Yin Lichuan after more than a year once again micro-blog, Qiao Renliang memorial. She forwarded the first micro-blog Qiao Renliang, also have the emotion to write "I cast the masterpiece a tribute to" and "we will remember that you, your eyes, your smile is gorgeous". It is reported that Qiao Renliang had in 2011 with Zhou Yumin, who starred in the film, such as the "cohabitation" with the film, by the people of the Republic of China, in the year of and in the year of. Yin Lichuan: the night is cold. Fall again to. And your life experience to stay in this autumn, the 16th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Relatives or more than sad, others have songs. Life is desolate, the ancients wrote all the funeral. We can not understand your pain, you do not need to ask others for your choice. Tomorrow morning the funeral farewell. On behalf of our producer sent a wreath, I hope to show the still photographer masterpiece a tribute. I think we can only have only you remember the most beautiful bright. In the spring of 2011, together with you, is the most popular people, it is cheerful, friendly, love to joke about the work is the most important one. You had a lot of fans at the time, but you were the only one who wanted to stay with the crew at the hotel, not the five-star hotel. Every day you figure out the characters, and often talk to me and your actor dream. I believe you, you have a sincere smile. Joe, Qiao Renliang, Kimi, in the temple for you for the flowers in the world, we will remember that you, your eyes, your smile is gorgeous.相关的主题文章: