Yangtze River Tunnel 24 hours pass the first night of a total of 936 vehicles through the tunnel acr 519697

Yangtze River Tunnel 24 hours pass the first night of a total of 936 vehicles through the tunnel across the River Modern Express (correspondent Gu Wen reporter Li Na) at 1:00-5:00 am on the morning of Nanjing Yangtze River tunnel is open for the first time on the first night of 24 hours of trial. Modern Express reporter learned from the Nanjing Yangtze River Tunnel Co., Ltd., within four hours, a total of 936 vehicles through the Yangtze River crossing the Yangtze River tunnel. Concerned about the public is not familiar with the rules of the night, the company decided to suspend the first week of the tunnel operation. In order to meet the needs of the public at night through the river, the Yangtze River tunnel from November 18th trial 24 hours transit policy. For the traffic safety of vehicles at night, while ensuring that the pipe needs to raise the operation, tunnel ahead of the company made three kinds of night traffic plan, after repeated research and the traffic control department to determine the operation way of vehicles raised edge current pilot side tube, the closed two-way Lane 2 shares, 1 shares reserved lane. Tunnel company official said, because some people do not know the night to understand the rules of the road, the first week of the trial, the only separation of the driveway, temporarily do not carry out operations support. The tunnel company to remind the general public, night traffic should obey the traffic rules, the Yangtze River tunnel speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour, the interval velocity; the day closed to traffic tunnel trucks, buses, non motor vehicles, the night still impassable, the tunnel is installed in the automatic capture system, the traffic control department will be punished accordingly. For a week after the custody operation will be carried out normally, when the tunnel wall wash every night there will be cars, take a car and other work vehicles, and twenty or thirty maintenance personnel to carry out the work, the public transit tunnel be careful driving, orderly traffic.相关的主题文章: