Xiamen strive to restore power on the island today, 19 basic restoration of water supply (video) mmhouse

Xiamen 19 days to restore power to the island today basically restore the water supply 14 pm yesterday, the national network of Xiamen power company rescue team is Tianfeng road Jimei District of repair, many people lamented, see this scene, all puzzled to power vanished. "Meranti" on Xiamen’s water, electricity, road traffic, caused serious influence, many Xiamen citizens home without water, electricity. Why did it take so long? When can you recover? Last night, 9, Xiamen, after the disaster water supply and municipal traffic news briefing, the issue of public concern. The relevant departments responsible person said, they are racing against time to repair, thanks to the public’s understanding and support. Morning news reporters Wu Siting, raced round the clock. Currently, suffered heavy losses in the Xiamen power grid is stepping up repair, the State Grid has dispatched 2 helicopters involved in the repair, the province’s emergency rescue personnel are being repaired around 4500. State Grid Xiamen power company deputy general manager Xu Zhiyong said last night, will strive to allow the city to restore the basic power supply in September 19th. Repair very difficult "Meranti" caused a devastating blow for Xiamen power grid. Xu Zhiyong introduction, Xiamen power grid a total of 6 220 thousand volt substation 21, 220 thousand volt lines, 45 110 thousand volt substation 52, 110 thousand volt lines, more than 10 thousand sets of special transformer, 713 male 10 thousand volt power line outage, a total of 552 thousand and 200 households households. The typhoon landed in Xiangan, so the island grid damaged more serious than the island, especially in Xiangan District, Tongan District, the entire grid was almost destroyed, with serious road water, trees lodging, power repair condition is very bad, repair very difficult. Some people are very confused, why people call home, my family did not call? Originally, if the main power grid substation, there is no fixed, it is impossible for the 10 thousand volt transmission line, there will be a large area of power; if the main power grid substation, repaired, 10 thousand volt distribution network area is not repaired, or for no electricity. Helicopters involved in the repair at present, the city’s various areas of electric power repair work are simultaneously advancing. State Grid play group advantage, support power allocation, sent 2 helicopters involved in disaster investigation, tower tower and other repair work. Before the typhoon landed, the State Grid Fujian electric power company had earlier sent repair teams, stationed in Xiamen may be prepared to meet the challenge severely affected area. After the typhoon landed, and then deploy reinforcements. As of yesterday, 18, the provincial electric power company has mobilized all over the province from the rescue of 4500 people, as well as a large number of 26 sets of emergency repair supplies to Xiamen to support electricity emergency. 19 days to restore power as of yesterday afternoon, the Xiamen power grid has been restored 5 220 thousand volt substation 14, 220 thousand volt lines, 29 110 thousand volt substation 15, 110 thousand volt lines, 388 10 thousand volt lines, 1880 sets of distribution transformer. Yesterday, some areas have been restored power supply, which yesterday at 12 – 16, the new district to send electricity to the 53. To 6 yesterday afternoon, the affected power outage has been restored to power supply of about 500000 households, there are still not restored to about 400000. To this morning, but also;相关的主题文章: