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Wuxi old lottery show Yugong spirit keep No. five years won the million prize – Sohu with quick opening games popular, seven lottery lottery play gradually by new generation of cold. But there is a lottery in Wuxi Minfeng, always adhere to the seven lottery note number 1, for 5 years, finally in 2016306th won 5 note first prize, bonus 11760 yuan. The lucky lottery surnamed Mao, 37 years old this year, is a native of Wuxi, gambling for more than and 10 years. As an old lottery, Mr. Mao to play traditional lottery Shuangseqiu and seven lottery is insisted period will buy, each spend 10 yuan to buy 5 note lottery number seven, "so many are accustomed to the day, do not buy feel less what." At first he also from the Internet to learn some betting skills, to choose the number of lottery trend analysis. But he found that most of the lottery around the lottery to take random or feel with the handwritten number, it seems there is no law at all. So he began to keep the number from 2011 onwards, but fate, for several years did not hit the jackpot, his family persuaded him to give up keep no.. Mr. Mao mouth agreed, but in the end still secretly buy double chromosphere after the injection with seven lottery to keep a few years number. Freeman on 32020263 lottery betting station sales staff said, "Mr. Mao is not a contemporary man, he is not willing to award." Fortunately, Mr. Mao keep the number 2, 6, 7, 12, 14 and 2016306th of the winning numbers exactly 5 times the bet won 11760 yuan. To receive the prize, Mr. Mao said it would change 1 note number seven Le Caishou number, and a portion of bonuses as a lottery fund in the future.相关的主题文章: