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Wonderful Xiang Mage: three conversion body ultra important! But do these things will lose the week outside image and language will lose three to listen to the outer ring body (source: Phoenix Buddhism) we had converted to the church, these outside the image and listen to externalists language, will lose three to ring body. Why can we make it? Because we were converted to three, because of the three ring body can convert to Buddha, no three to ring body how we become Buddha? This is very important. Buddhism is different from the outside, it is because we have three conversion ring body. There are three to quit, we will be able to break the previous sins; if there is no three to quit, we can only do some actions, get the present life and blessing, past offenses and cannot get rid of. But after we take refuge, can break past sins, so unbelievable. What past offenses include? Everything that we see in front of the earth, the moon and stars, mountains and rivers are former sins. For example, the earthquake in Japan, a tsunami – how the tsunami? The tsunami is water, water is our former sins. If we are converted, we will be able to overcome the disaster caused by water; if we do not convert, we will not be able to overcome the water disaster. You see when the water is not flooding, we do not have any feeling, such as water flooding or the formation of a disaster, we have no difference between the conversion and there is a big difference. So to can break past sins, such as the earthquake disaster of all, this is a disaster. There are some minor disasters, small things. For example, we drink water, you do not have to drink water before conversion, although the nutrition of your body, but also bring you harm. If after conversion, we really converted, we drink water can not only solve the problem of hunger and thirst, but also to reduce the damage to our water a lot. Buddhist once said, that is what people eat, because the earth instead of soaring food. Man was originally from the light and sound day and came to this world, because this world to eat fat, and the knot of fate, so I can’t fly. (editor’s note: about human origins of Buddhism "in classical world") that we eat on the food, also can not fly. We will not be the same after conversion. So the disciple of West or birth day, and so on in good karma will have hope, is not affected by the karma involved, or rarely involved. Therefore, conversion and not to be absolutely different. This conversion is very important to us, as a Buddhist, we must keep the conversion to maintain good. Keep a good ring, we can become a buddha. But some foolish people let us worship externalists and worship fairy fox Python these, or listen to the outside education. He thinks this is equal, this is compassion, actually is the destruction of the ring body for us, so that we fall, we lost the Buddha karma. This is stupid behavior. We must be careful and clear about what is good? What is bad? What is good? What is a bad root? If you don’t know this, you will fall into it, and you don’t know it yet. You still think you are practicing and trying. Brief introduction to the master,.相关的主题文章: