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Sports-and-Recreation Cyclists wear specialized clothing for various reasons such as wind resistance, skin protection against friction of the thighs moving against the bicycle seat. The clothing draws sweat away from the skin and compresses the legs to fight muscular fatigue. The clothing is light weight and therefore also reduces the total weight of the cyclist. Cycle bib shorts are held up by a one piece integrated braces. The bib shorts were designed as cyclists often complained of how the elastic of the waistbands on the pants cut into their skins when their backs were bent down in the position they were cycling. Another reason was for body temperature to constantly stay lower and as these shorts are made of polyester and spandex, it assists in keeping the body cool. The concept was developed from the old fashioned braces that cyclists used to keep up the wool pants that had been worn many years ago. Historically these pants had become heavy as they absorbed the sweat and without the braces they would slide down. As the wool pants did not have tight waist bands, it was essential to wear some form of support to keep the shorts up. These pants are designed to move with the body movement when the rider is in motion. It is made of compression fibers such as Lycra and spandex. Extra cushioning is built into the cycling pants for men around the groin area for added comfort. They are often manufactured with carbon fiber mesh panels between the back bib straps to enhance ventilation. The asymmetric leg grippers hold the short pants into place while the legs are in movement. These pants are ergonomically designed to offer more comfort and protection in sensitive areas. It increases muscle support and it fits well along the contours of the body. The stitching has fewer seams which mean less irritation from the stitching and joining of panels. Many of the more costly shorts have added muscle compression for greater endurance, speed and power. Some even come with silicone gel leg grippers that avoid the legs from moving up while cycling. The thickness of the material varies from ten millimeters, seven millimeters and five millimeters. Some are fitted with silver ion threads that eliminate odors. The price ranges of bike bib shorts range from 30 to 300. You can find them from reputable cycle shops. These shorts are great in the sense that they have no waist bands that restrict breathing. Some cyclists wear jerseys over the bib shorts and one cannot even tell the difference whether it is a conventional pair of cycle shorts or a bib version. For cyclists with large bellies these are particularly comfortable. It keeps the body well contoured while in motion. The restriction to the belly moving produces no discomfort whatsoever. Women and men are likely to fit in the same outfits, but women have a smaller waist size and that is where it is best to purchase those for women and for men respectively. s women have a longer waist than men, most are manufactured with a longer front seam and women also prefer shorter leg length. As women have to feel comfortable over the breast area, the straps of the women shorts are also altered different from those of the men. As the shorts have panels they contour around the body when one is in the cycling position. The panels are usually eight or six inches wide. The newer generation shorts are anatomically cut which prevents any chafing from the sewing seams to affect the crotch area. The pads that are sewn into the shorts are to absorb the moisture and to prevent chafing from taking place. Padding is made from fleece or foam and the top layer is made of fabric that prevents bacteria from propagating. The padding will differ from the type of cycling and also the body contour of the cyclist. One has to take into consideration the thickness, breathability and comfort of the padding. The price is mainly influenced by the fabric of the short. Nylon spandex materials have the ultimate durability and stretch but it is not known to eliminate moisture and breathability is limited. Polyester is mixed with the spandex to promote breathability and stretching. These fabric and padding qualities are what creates the clear price distinction of cycle bib shorts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: