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Why ancient jade fakes flooded the market market through years of practice, we found that in a variety of ancient jade folk still retained a certain number of the Neolithic Age to the period of the Republic of china. Some still remains hidden in the old house door, the jade is mostly the Shang and Zhou, the Warring States, Qin and Han Dynasties of ancient Shu Keng Yu, the ripe old calendar at least after one hundred or two hundred years of playing and wearing plate. In early 80s, the folk unearthed ancient jade began to appear, the ancient jade unearthed in this period, each period are mostly concentrated in the previous Neolithic Age to the Tang Dynasty, especially the Hongshan culture period and the Shang and Zhou, Qin and Han Dynasties ancient jade is more common. During this period, both the folk retained or unearthed ancient jade basically no fakes, there are only some of the period of the Republic of China or the history of different times of imitation, line called "to the old generation of jade". Before 1990, there were only a handful of collectors and enthusiasts who were familiar with ancient jade. Since 1991, with the gradual deepening of reform and opening up, people’s lives gradually become rich, the demand for material culture is also increasing, the traditional culture has begun to pay attention to. Some have the knowledge, culture or traditional culture art like China ancient jade collectors and enthusiasts began to appear in the market, they find and collect the various periods of ancient jade, and a collection of range and population is also growing. In a sense, the market demand stimulated the rapid development of ancient jade collection market. This period happens to domestic enterprises are also engaged in jade industry restructuring, some state-owned enterprises in the original work or job transfer, or older children engaged in jade industry’s traditional craftsmen or their descendants, began to establish private jade workshop, processing and manufacturing of some imitation ancient jade, jade industry in some temptation and stimulation the economic interests of the ancient jade, began making fake, which began to appear on the market the pseudo ancient jade. In the temptation of huge economic benefits, just two or three years time, and a large number of ancient jade fakes flooded the domestic and overseas market, this period of the ancient jade counterfeit level has increased rapidly, and some even fake high jade for public display and sale in domestic and international auction. The ancient jade collection when the market appeared two kinds of phenomena: one is the phenomenon of collectors and enthusiasts attention and what’s needed, fakes on the market will immediately appear what; another phenomenon is the ancient jade collectors and enthusiasts because the recognition ability is relatively poor, in order to avoid the fake jade, can only take evasive attitude in turn, blind collection. For example: after the Shang and Zhou dynasties of ancient jade artifacts, the collection groups immediately turned to the Tang Dynasty jade collection; Tang Dynasty Jade forged soon appear on the market, then the collection groups turned to jade and jade of Liao, Liao adulterants and quickly enter the market. The ancient jade trading fraud circulation market "interesting race each other". In 2000 or so, the collection and collection of ancient jade and further expand the size of the collection, the market has gradually emerged in a variety of collections. Since 1995, under the stimulation of profiteering, fraud technology is also constantly absorbing the results of modern science and technology, and the use of these technologies to ancient jade fraud.相关的主题文章: