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Home-Improvement Sewage backup issues can occur after natural disasters, pipes and sewage blockage, problems in the main sewer lines, vandalism, and flooding of sanitation sewers. Problems caused by sewage backup need to addressed as soon as possible. Sewer backups can be responsible for damage to household valuables, malfunctions of your electrical system, and the threat of disease in your home. Raw sewage is not a substance that anyone would like to continuously .e in contact with. It is difficult to know what to keep and throw away after sewage back up. Here are a few tips to help you know exactly what to keep and throw away after sewage back up. In order to understand why certain items should be thrown away after sewage back up think for a brief moment about what raw sewage is. Raw sewage is black or gray water that contains waste water. Inside of this waste water is human excrement, soaps, debris, and organic matter. Human excrement carries diseases such as hepatitis. Hepatitis inflames the delicate tissues of the liver and causes viral hepatitis. Gastroenteritis causes diarrhea, fever, cramps, and vomiting. Asthma attacks may cause wheezing, shortness of breath, and tightness of the chest. The lungs can be.e inflamed and have a reaction called allergic Alveolitis. There can be life threatening damage done to the kidneys, liver, and blood supply. It is also possible to acquire an infection of the eye or in the skin. Knowing what to keep and throw away after sewage back up can save your life. The following suggestions are dependent on items that have .e into direct contact with raw sewage. Food products can only be salvaged if they were in sealed metal cans which were not dented. Each can has to be free of dents and then disinfected before restoring or opening. Children toys, plush stuffed dolls, and stuffed animals have to be thrown away. Magazines, books, and all paper products need to be thrown out. This includes paper napkins, paper towels, and old personal paperwork. Medical supplies, bottled medicines, and cans of medical pills, creams, or salves need to be thrown away. Immediately throw out all cosmetics. Wearing any cosmetic that has .e in contact with raw sewage can result in a serious skin or eye infection. Cardboard is very porous and may still contain traces of sewage water, it needs to be disposed of. Mattresses and pillow cases need to be thrown away. The inside batting can not be thoroughly cleansed or disinfected enough to guarantee no cross contamination and causes diseas. Any type of rug that is in your home can not be saved, throw it away. The pad of the carpeting, upholstered charis, and upholstered couches need to be thrown out. The above listed items can not be saved because they were exposed to raw sewage. Contact a professional that can help you. A water damage restoration specialist can help show you what items can be salvaged. A professional can quickly help move all items that will cause you or the family harm out of the home. Do not hesitate to contact a water damage restoration specialist, time wasted may cause your property to deteriorate at a faster rate. Issues related to the structure of the home, or unaddressed mold can bring your property value down. The water damage restoration specialist can also help with mold remediation, to address any type of toxic or harmful mold located in your house. Do not take your time to address problems caused by sewage back up. Knowing what to keep and throw away after sewage backup can save your life. Use these tips to help cleanup after sewage back up. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: