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UnCategorized Before we begin discussing the benefits of bulk emailing, it is important to separate the concept of bulk emailing from unsolicited bulk emailing, which is also known as spam. Spam has absolutely no benefits. It is unethical, notoriously low converting, and can even land you in jail – or leave you with millions of dollars worth of fines. Don’t do it. On the other hand, bulk mailing is an excellent marketing tool that can be implemented in dozens of different ways – and has a number of different benefits. The benefits derived from bulk emailing ultimately depend on how you implement it. For instance, one of the most used bulk mailing mechanisms is list-building. This is the practice of creating your own list by sending visitors to an opt-in form, where they can join your list. One of the major benefits of this type of bulk emailing is that it allows you to pre-sell visitors before you attempt to sell them. This means that you get the chance to let them trust you – to let them see that you will actually steer them in the right direction before you begin pitching your own products to them and endorsing other people’s products. This will make it considerably easier for your prospects to buy your products. Another benefit of bulk mailing to your own list is that it allows you to perform statistically-relevant tests on a regular basis. For instance, you can test out different subject lines to determine which ones will pull better. You can also determine what phrases will induce curiousity – and you can then implement them in your advertisements elsewhere. In addition to your own list building efforts, bulk mailing can be employed successfully through other people’s lists, too. This form of bulk emailing is usually called e-zine advertising, which has be.e somewhat less popular in recent years, but is still a powerful marketing tool. One of the major benefits of bulk emailing through other people’s lists is that it allows you to instantly contact thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of warm prospects with a direct pitch. Additionally, you don’t ever have to warm up these prospects yourself. Someone else has already done the job for you. This is in contrast to other methods of traffic generation, such as pay per click advertising, which require you to pitch small advertisements to targeted, but cold prospects, until some of them decide to check out your product or list pitch. Another major benefit of bulk emailing is that it allows you to coordinate massive launches in a short period of time. Rather than using natural and paid search engine traffic to induce a buzz, you can simply coordinate bulk emailings to 10 or more e-zines on the same day. This massive, coordinated promotional attempt will spill over from e-zines to forums, creating a buzz for your product in less than a day. Regardless of whether your bulk mailing efforts are concentrated on your list only or on other lists only, you should be able to derive multiple benefits from your efforts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: