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Wenzhou three villagers beating demolition workers get the dish holder neck to the police crackdown thorough investigation of illegal rental housing as the starting point, power "big demolition action". As of yesterday, Wenzhou Lucheng Public Security Bureau has 3 suspects in criminal detention, a fine of 652 people. The afternoon of October 19th, rattan town government and Light Industrial Park Administrative Committee for illegal work of rattan Town Mountain shore village villagers have been besieged, illegal building staff immediately alarm. In the disposal process, the villagers Panmou of police abuse shoving, after throwing stones smashed police. Police immediately stepped forward to stop, in the fight against the police caused a finger injury. In October 24th, the staff of Shuangyu street in Huanglong Xia Ao Road No. 94 knife mold factory was found, the knife mold factory seal was torn, the hidden parts were not rectification, after the police station will be handed over to the factory owner Wang Huanglong disposal. In accordance with the law in the course of questioning, Wang will be the right arm of the police bite, after being subdued on the spot. The evening of October 27th, the police station and the police station in the grid area of the joint staff to carry out fire safety inspections of rental housing area, found a high road rental housing is illegal construction. In the process of law enforcement, the parties Zhang picked up the home kitchen knife rack in the neck of the police, and threatened to cut the police. After being police uniforms on the spot. Panmou 3 people are currently on suspicion of obstructing jingfangxingju. As of now, Lucheng Public Security Bureau of investigation of the rental housing 23664 households, check 278702 migrant workers, more than illegal object administrative detention, thorough investigation of illegal rental housing effect stage the city ranked first; investigation industry places 1077, banned trade places 21.相关的主题文章: