Wei Fan with no problem Golden Horse winner yuria

Wei Fan with "no problem" Golden Horse winner Wei Fan Wei Fan from Sina entertainment news following the finalists of the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival Competition, "no problem" once again nominated for 2 awards, Huangshi Meifeng writers nominated for best adapted screenplay, Wei Fan was nominated for best actor [micro-blog]. Unique shooting style is not the same as the reconstruction of the war in Chongqing, "no problem," directed by Mei Feng and adapted, the strength of the cast actor Wei Fan, [micro-blog], and the role of the role of the role of the players, the role of, Liang Tingwei. The story was adapted from the famous writer Lao She’s short story of the same name, tells the story of the rear area during the Anti Japanese War Chinese tree farm decline in China under the management of Wuyuan director Ding to the story. It is reported that the film is an allegory of the three act in black and white, director of Mei Feng to maximum reduction of the novel scene in the movie shooting in Chongqing Baisha Town, Baisha in the rear area is one of the wartime film, many scenes do not need to take the king can be shot. Mei Feng director Lou Ye [micro-blog] director queen screenwriter, who by virtue of "spring fever" won the Cannes Film Festival Best screenwriter, the other works of a "floating city mystery thing" won the Golden Horse Award for best original screenplay. The golden horse adaptedscreenplay finalists, Mei Feng is a strong rival. The first mention of Wei Fan with superb acting horse winner strength actor Wei Fan star in recent years a lot of audience favorite films and has won numerous awards, with the "no problem" the Tokyo film festival main competition, and won the Golden Horse Award nomination, is not the first time the attention by domestic and international awards. In 2004, Wei Fan won the star of the movie "the parking attendant in July" won the Montreal Film Festival Best Actor Award and the Eleventh Beijing Student Film Festival Award for best actor in 2006; Wei Fan, by virtue of the chapter Rui [micro-blog] movie "aromatic journey" in the color performance, access to the thirtieth session of the Cairo International Film Festival special performance award (gold key award). In 2007, Wei Fan starred in the comedy film blessed ears, played the role of Wang Kangmei and won the Ninth Chinese Film Media Award for best actor award. In 2008, Wei Fan starred in the contemporary metropolis comedy movie "immediate departure", as a simple and honest man Laocui, and by virtue of their excellent performance in the "immediate departure" of the sixteenth Beijing Student Film Festival Award for most popular actor. This time, Wei Fan starred in "no problem", through its deep lines, superb acting skill and the role of accurate and detailed study, let it shine, and won the Golden Horse Award nomination for Best Actor for the first time, and as the only golden horse best actor, the actor, this is one of the the three Chinese film awards the Golden Horse Award (the other two for the Chinese Golden Rooster Award, Hongkong Film Awards) at the emperor, let us wait and see! (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: