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"We have come to the" Ying ending the war   Karen Mok: where there is music I – Liaoning channel — people.com.cn original title: "we have come to the" welcome the ending of the war Karen Mok: where there is music, I have the original title: Karen Mok: where there is music I on the evening of 7, Hunan "we have come to the" TV will usher in the ending of the war. Karen Mok (pictured) said in an interview with reporters, the 12 phase of the program through the 6 city, the most memorable is the sisters and forged a profound friendship, the love reality show, because "where there is music, I hope I can do a future of her own program. In the program, 8 Star Racing hand appeared handsome Xinjiang Kumtag Desert, desert challenge stimulation game. In this program, the stars will continue to journey to Shanshan in Xinjiang, an exotic town do not feel the same local customs and practices. Karen Mok frankly, Xinjiang station is the most impressive part of her journey, I particularly like this episode of Xinjiang, too much for my taste. For example, we play in the desert of those games, I feel very exciting, you can also ride a camel. The local music feel particularly strong, they hear a drum dance, my whole person hey up." The mention of each guest’s impression, Karen Mok said: "we are very happy to know Ka-ling sister, although previously in Hongkong have the opportunity to meet to chat, but the real cooperation together, this is the first time. Ka-ling elder sister very care of the team everyone, really is a big sister." Karen Mok said, to participate in the recording of the most happy is that every once in a while, the 8 sisters with the whole team and staff together. "The last video that night, we exchange gifts, we look at the film, from the first to the last stop, a lot of wonderful clips, really touched. I would have been able to control emotions, I can not help but shed tears." In addition to the memorable sisters, Karen Mok said, because "we are coming", to show no resistance, "I think this show is pretty suitable for me, anyway, stage, music, singing, I feel great! After the show, I really want to have a chance to be a reality show." (Judy Tang Long, commissioning editor: filial piety)相关的主题文章: