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Visit the revolutionary nanyaojie base: a matrix called the Red Army battle site group – Anhui channel — original title: [network] media go turn change visits revolutionary nanyaojie base: a matrix called the Red Army battle site group two, six army commander from red to soldiers, is a huge the group, a close behind, let alone nearly 80 years ago the martyrs are buried here, even when there were survivors, followed his father to the Long March, then followed his father into those meritorious soldiers of the people’s Republic of China, now living in the world, there are a few? When a generation of people quietly after a time away from them with vigour and vitality, the soul, all in this piece of land they had smitten. Therefore, I have to climb to the top of the mountain, standing in front of the monument, the martyrs to express my admiration and miss. No matter from the blood or ethical said, their descendants are my relatives, who come from the crowd call my aunt, I have promised, and they hand in hand, Freemasonry. I know they are not just to see me, I also want to look through the blood and fire casting, let them both vague and surprise in the back; they had never met, but in 80 years ago died grandparents, uncles. Excerpted from "new Jiesheng" monument – touch the sky — in commemoration of my dear father He Long and marshal comfort red two, six Legion ("ancestors" Liberation Army Daily 2016 men in August 18th Eleventh Edition) in October 2016 13, Chongqing Youyang County, Chinese two red army, six army nanyaojie will Normal University will be the venue. Youyang, the ancient "Yu Gong" Jing Jizhou beam, border region, and Bachu at the junction of the two countries. Has 2200 years of history is 800 years to build the county, state seat. Youyang, splendid culture, a national historical and cultural town Longtan Town, Chongqing famous historical and cultural town gongtan town and Youshui River town, here is the "Chinese Tujia Waving Dance village" Chinese famous folk village "Chinese Tujia cultural birthplace". Youyang, the old revolutionary base areas, He Long, Ren Bishi, Guan Xiangying and other proletarian revolutionaries led by red two, six Legion in nanyaojie created the provincial revolutionary base of the Soviet regime. In October 13th, "long road to well-off society" Chongqing all media "go turn change" theme interview interview team members came to "China Tujia Waving Dance town Youyang County interview. First stop in Youyang is 93 kilometers from the county seat at nanyaojie revolutionary base, this is He Long, Ren Bishi, Xiao Ke, Commissioner of the division should be the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries led the creation of these revolutionary base. There is a matrix called the Red Army battle site group, because there is still preserved 56 Red Army fighting in ruins, China third ancestors Red Army sowed the seeds of revolution Chinese hot place, members of the delegation on the red army life and fight footprint, to salute fathers, it is a piece of red land here, soaked martyrs shed blood, nanyaojie the Revolution seemed to be a cross century through the history, the old man, stand tall in the mountains in the southeastern Youyang. According to unitary相关的主题文章: