Visit Beijing private Cinema said the private easy to become theater

Visit Beijing private Theater: the "private" to "cinema" hard – Beijing in accordance with the regulations, not signed a contract with the cinema theaters are not operating screenings; many private cinema on the market in the bar, cafe, hotel and catering industry registration. The number of private theater over 10000, but there is no private theater business license exclusive category, many practitioners that have not been recognized by the state. Watching movies, how to avoid meeting with the audience to call, discuss the plot of the "bad mind"? "Private theater" may be able to meet this requirement — movies in the private theater, places are small rooms, good sound insulation, no trouble, you can sit, can lay more devoted to the story. But at the same time, this seemingly new private cinema viewing form, whether there is actually hiding many problems, whether legitimate business qualification sources and fire protection measures are in place. A: "crab private theater movie to delay more than and 10 days charges forty or fifty yuan per hour in August 30th afternoon, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter visited the Tiantan is located near the east gate of the" crab private cinema". The cinema show "on a Baidu map may be out of business", but called its release in a group purchase online phone, staff was told to immediately view, send SMS reads: "thank you for calling Taiwan quality of life, we can guarantee the quantity, to guarantee reasonable prices for the purpose of customer service wholeheartedly." Content has nothing to do with the film. As it was a weekday afternoon, there was only one room in the shop. There are several different themes show similar KTV, customers can choose the movie point mapping by remote control is selected in the room, do not search, hourly fees, the fees for 44.5 yuan an hour. Staff said: "the movie theaters on to delayed ten days to two weeks." But in fact, BYD reporters in the private theater to search the "latest" film, neither two weeks before the release of the "Tomb notes", "such as" apostle Walker made films and films, no imported films released in August 2nd "big secret" – PET film resources in South Korea and Europe and the United States. The film quality is not high. Two hours later, although it is time to work, but still no guests. Visit two: cloud holiday Movie 2000 people every single day passenger charge group purchase price of 148 yuan in late August 31st, BMC reporter arrived at the maples International Shopping Center B1 layer of cloud holiday movie (Xizhimen branch), the show has two stores in Beijing. And the previous one is different from the private theater, watching a movie here charges 148 yuan per. A delicate interior decoration, according to European wind, One Piece and tatami theme is divided into more than and 10 rooms. The customer in front of the point to choose their own movie machine, point mapping machine has simple search function, can choose the mode of payment and the number of people watching, the system will automatically print and distribution room, but the customer cannot play movies, but by the background of unified control. Around 8 pm, the number of cloud shadow holiday increased significantly, there are three couples in the film selection machine Wyatt相关的主题文章: