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Medicine Individuals suffer from the painful condition of hemorrhoids due to several factors like obesity, pregnancy or stress. The .mon dis.forts associated with the problem are itching, inflammation and swelling of the tissues around the rectal region. One of the most effective treatment procedures that help to attain quick relief from the severe pain and burning sensation is the hemorrhoid cream. The soothing cream reduces severe inflammation and the dis.fort that is usually caused due to the rubbing of clothes against the hemorrhoids. The sensation of itching and pain can be controlled with the use of the medicated cream. The popular hemorrhoid creams are made using witch hazel or cortisone. The witch hazel is an astringent that reduces the swelling of the inflamed veins. Cortisone helps to reduce the itchy sensation. Hemorrhoid creams containing anesthetics are used to eliminate the severe pain as they produce numbing effect on the inflamed area. Creams made from herbal ingredients are extremely effective in reduce itching and swelling. Get in-depth knowledge about best cream for hemorrhoids: The medicated ointments are applied on the inflamed tissues around the rectal region. One has to spread the cream with soft hands around the exterior portion of the anus. The strength and effective of the hemorrhoid cream usually varies according to the type of ingredient used in it. The best cream for hemorrhoids is effective products for quick relief, but they cannot .pletely eradicate the condition. The most reputed brand of hemorrhoid creams available in the market today is Hetra-Factor 3. The effective hemorrhoid cream claims to shrink the inflamed tissues and eases the pain, itching, and burning sensation .monly associated with hemorrhoids. The brand has been into the business for last few years and has be.e a trusted name amongst the customers. For better results, it is better to seek professional advice from the doctor and then start using the hemorrhoid cream accordingly. How to use the Hemorrhoid Cream regularly Before applying the hemorrhoid cream, it is best to clean the affected region. Dab a cotton swab and clean the area with soft hands. Avoid rubbing or applying pressure to the swellings. Wait for the skin region to dry and then apply the medication. Use a cotton ball to apply the cream around the inflamed tissues, as harsh pressure can scratch veins and produce more damage. Over-the counter or herbal Hemorrhoid creams can provide effective results, if they are used on daily basis. The branded ointment can offer relief from the pain and dis.fort associated with hemorrhoids. Hetra Lab, LLC is a reputed online herbal store that offers effective cure of hemorrhoids in form of solution and cream. The .pany plays an ardent role in making people aware of the wonders and effectiveness of herbs and natural extracts. For more details, Please VISIT 相关的主题文章: