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Turpan grapes can sing   original title: Turpan grapes will sing | in Xinghuacun tide elderly Su Litan Turpan Toksun County Xia Town Lake Village for Apricot rich leaders — sultan. (map) "land Ping Kuang, like houses, a fine of Sangzhu pool…… Men and women dress, as outsiders. Old and young, and contented and happy." "Peach Blossom Spring" describes an envy of the world also has a lake village land of idyllic beauty, a park — in the summer Toksun County township. In October 11th, guided by the national Internet Information Office, CO sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Party committee of the Xinjiang Internet information office and the city of Turpan "Turpan grapes singing" large network of cultural activities in the Lake Village reporter line to Turpan City summer Toksun County township. In Xinjiang, which is known as the most recent spring local reputation, 172 kilometers away from Urumqi. Nanhu village is also known as "the first big Chinese precocious apricot, apricot blossom here generally in mid March, mid May, mature market, mature fruit than in other areas of China ahead of 15 to 20 days. In the village, Sultan known, Wurenbuxiao, Nanhu village of apricot planting area of 50 thousand mu, under his leadership became known as Xinghuacun. In 1985, graduated from junior high school Sultan began planting apricot, in order to find the excellent species can be used to graft the Sultan years repeatedly went to Xinjiang around in search of different varieties of apricot, culminating in 9 species of successful grafting and improved to a sultan. Million mu of Apricot Garden natural advantages, the local apricot festival to attract more tourists to the local tours inside and outside Xinjiang apricot, eat delicacy…… Nanhu village became a good place for tourists Tachun flowers, Nanhu village has become a famous "Xinjiang spring" in Xinghuacun. Apricot blossom festival not only promote Sultan apricot sales, but also to fire the local accommodation and catering industry. Now, as soon as the villagers mentioned that he would have thumbs up. Xinghua festival do well, let us have a big reputation, attract more owners here buy apricots, more and more people come here to play, good!." Talking about changes in the past few years have brought to the village of apricot blossom festival, Sultan eyes are always smiling in a line, the kind of happiness from the inside infected us these "outsiders". In 2012, Sultan in order to inspect the convenience, has long been a driving test the best age he is stunned, admitted to a driver’s license, but also to buy a car, as long as there is time, he will bring his daughter to study new apricot varieties. He liked the lyrics of Kangxi’s theme song "500 years to the sky", so that he would have more time to improve the existing varieties and develop new varieties. Study on the kind of apricot, apricot, apricot sell these years, Su Tante made a lot of friends. The tour guide from Beijing is his good friend. He has been invited to visit Beijing. "I want to see the national flag." Speaking to Beijing Sultan specially stressed that "I’m going to take me to the capital for apricot, friends taste sweet, authentic Xinjiang apricot." The apricot blossom festival in Xinghuacun, on the way to the park on both sides of the road, everywhere scenic farm)相关的主题文章: