Today, the ups and downs of the stock market is not very important, the ten blogs look at the

Today, the stock market is not too important to see ten blog shortly after sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance client: the most extreme Kanpan money investors are using Sina Financial News on February 4th news, Thursday morning, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities opening to go, colored plates led a strong, early stock index was up nearly 2%, Takami 2793.30 points. Afternoon opening, high shock duration, placid disk. On the disk, the afternoon virtual reality, media, brokerage and other sectors have shown, plate rotation significantly accelerated, but continued poor; plate, steel, charging piles, electronic and other plates near the rapid pull up, the two cities were rushed, close to the closing of the two cities cooling. Yi Xianrong: today’s stock market is not too important, the current market is most concerned about whether the Chinese economy in the monkey year will be able to improve, or out of the current continued downward predicament, can jump out of the current China’s "real estate" economic growth model. Bin Bin: February market is worth looking forward to, the market in February will be much better than the slump in January, that is to say, the overall market in February is still worth looking forward to. Brother: false true Yin Yang force released what signal as everyone knows is in the vicinity of 2600 points, the market rebound, the need to pay attention to is the formation of a 3 index bottomed here, based on the market formed a sharp rebound. Chu Feng: no amount of rebound alarm has not yet been lifted, continue to actively reduce the rebound, waiting for the real trend of the market trend. Successful investors will never be able to operate frequently in tangled markets. Cao: Spring market may have been quietly launched tomorrow, the market should still be dominated by shocks, upward probability greater. Today, the market opened low, and today’s low point, I’m afraid it is difficult to see. Dong Shaopeng: to maintain the stability of China’s stock market, stable expectations, stable order and stable value center in the global perspective, not only beneficial to local investors, but also to meet the investment needs of foreign investors. Yu Yuetong: the best way to do all the best, today’s early opening sharply lower, just gave us a very good chance to buy dips. If you dare to believe this sword, closing some benefit. What’s the biggest opportunity for the monkey year? 1, the market today: reinforce the bottom; 2, the next trading day feeling: repair arrangement; 3, short-term operation plan: the hands of the stock. Li Zhen: the magic password hint super from the bottom 08 years bear market, after a year before bottoming out, bear great probability point since 5178 from the time structure can be repeated 08 years, roughly to 2330 points at the bottom of the first super time should be around July this year. Two masters: today’s trend is not complicated, the market did not see the bottom line seems to stabilize, but there is no room for rise, so will soon be concussion. At the same time, because of the low and high profits today, there will be a profit plate tomorrow morning. (Jiangshan)   click on more blogs to enter Sina Financial shares 今天股市涨跌不是太重要了 十大博客看后市 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用    新浪财经讯 2月4日消息,周四早盘,沪深两市高开高走,有色板块强势领涨,沪指早盘一度涨近2%,高见2793.30点。午后开盘,两市持续高位震荡,盘面波澜不惊。盘面上,午后虚拟现实、传媒、券商等板块均有表现,板块轮动明显加快,但持续性欠佳;盘中钢铁、充电桩、电子等板块临近尾盘快速拉升,两市一度冲高,临近收盘两市降温。   易宪容:今天股市涨跌不是太重要了   当前市场最为关注应该是猴年中国经济是否会有起色或能否走出当前持续下行的困境,能否跳出当前中国“房地产化”经济增长模式。   彬哥:二月行情值得期待   二月份的行情将会在很大程度上好过暴跌的一月份,也就是说二月份的行情整体还是值得期待的。   力哥:假阳真阴释放何种信号   众所周知,市场是在2600点附近企稳回升的,需要注意的是指数在这里形成了3次筑底,在此基础上市场形成了大幅反弹。   楚风:无量反弹警报仍未解除   反弹中继续主动减持,等待市场趋势的真正明朗。成功的投资者永远不会在纠结的行情中频繁操作。   曹先生:春季行情也许已经悄悄展开   明日大盘应仍是以震荡为主,向上概率较大。今日大盘低开高走,今日的低点恐怕之后已经很难看到。   董少鹏:以全球视野维护中国股市稳定   股市预期稳定、秩序稳定、价值中枢稳定,不仅对本土投资者有利,也可以满足境外投资者的投资需求。   余岳桐:全力做多方为上策   今日早盘的大幅低开,恰恰是给了我们一个非常不错的逢低买入的机会。如果你敢于在此时亮剑,截止收盘,相信一定获利匪浅。   花荣:猴年最大的机会在哪儿?   1、今日大盘:夯实筑底;2、下个交易日感觉:修复整理;3、短线操作计划:处理好手中的股。   李臻:神奇密码暗示超级底部   从08年熊市看,经过一年时间才见底,5178点以来的熊市极大概率从时间结构看也会复制08年结构,大致见到2330点一线超级底部的时间应该在今年的7月前后。   二当家:今天走势并不复杂 大盘并未见底   短线看似止跌了,但,上涨没有空间,于是很快就会震荡。同时,由于今天低点和高点有一定盈利,所以明天上午还会有获利盘出来。   (江山)     点击查看更多博文 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: