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Column three percentage of China’s provinces and cities in the Sohu before the leaders of education in the basis of soft science database, the best university network with detailed and reliable data inventory of different groups of academic information for readers, the academic track including the Harvard University Professor, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences also have the learning experience. This period, the most fresh, let us put new wine in old pots, to see the current leaders of various provinces and cities in China’s graduate institutions. We have a total of 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, a total of 60 local leaders of academic information. Learn what? The 80% option is to attend — from a professional point of view, the current incumbent provincial leaders mostly for the humanities and Social Sciences Major, as many as 48 people, accounting for the proportion of the total number of 80%, the specific professional their study focused on economics, management science, political science and law science. Where to learn? The 28% option is — after statistical analysis we found that 28% of the provincial and municipal leaders gained the highest degree at the Central Party school, followed by Peking University, a total of 5 leaders in this won the highest degree at the present stage. Learn how deep? The 85% option is — in China at the present stage of provincial and municipal leaders are highly educated people, statistics of the 60 leaders in the table 85% have a graduate degree, 51 of whom have received a doctor’s degree master’s degree, there are 9 people in to continue their studies after. Finally, the full version of the provincial and municipal leaders of the education information (the highest academic degree):相关的主题文章: