This is not convenient for women to wash the clothes inside the washing machine adobe gamma

This figure may not be easy woman inside the washing machine washing machine in women’s clothing whole fracture operation process will further adjust the arm machine clothing, this dangerous action although only one or two seconds, but the consequences of the parties of a broken arm. We have reported a lot of similar incidents, there will be an average of every month there is a washing machine wounding incident in our line of sight. Life may be a lot of people have this habit, in the washing machine operation process will often open the lid see cleaning state of clothing, but the lack of safety knowledge who can arm into the washing machine, such a simple action actually has caused a great security risk. Similar to the tragedy of the washing machine often occurs in children, the accident also shows that adults in the use of washing machines, washing machines in the process did not realize the potential security problems. In order to prevent similar incidents from happening again, we can see in the course of daily use can pay attention to what the problem: 1, do not share a more electrical socket, high-power electrical appliances washing machine that should use independent socket, and is using the three head ground socket, to ensure the reliability of grounding wire. 2, the operation of the washing machine must not let the elderly or children alone, to avoid accidents, for naughty children should do a good job to guide, to prevent unnecessary trouble caused by misuse. 3, if the old machines should be replaced promptly, and cut off and unplug the power line, breaking the door lock washing machine, avoid the children will be trapped in their internal and leading to suffocation. 4, if it is a new machine, the outer packaging, plastic film and foam placed in places where children can not touch, softener and detergent are also. 5, do not put the washing machine in a high humidity environment, high temperature and humid environment is easy to cause the line aging, resulting in short circuit and leakage risk. 6, washing machine power, do not touch the body, so as to avoid accidents. After the shutdown must wait until the washing machine inside the cylinder completely stopped after the tightening of the hand brake, Fang Yi clothing, must not illegal operation. Washing machine 7, heating after use should be promptly turn off the power, do not place on wooden furniture and other flammable materials, prevent the ignition caused by fire. Put clothes before, should check the clothes pocket, whether there are keys, knives, coins and other items, these hard things do not enter the washing machine. 8, the machine does not turn, and issued " buzz " ring, should immediately power, troubleshooting, and then use, if the timer, select switch contact is bad, should stop using. 9, each time the amount of washing clothes should not exceed the rated capacity of the washing machine, so as not to cause the overload of the motor coil overheating caused by high temperature burning insulation or other components, resulting in short circuit. 10, can not let the water splash on the motor, especially don’t let washing powder, detergent foam overflow to the motor or other electrical components, to prevent corrosion damage insulation resulting in short ignition. When the washing machine wounding more and more time has caused enough attention?相关的主题文章: