The United States are happy education school exams are also many remonstrate

The United States is the happy education school too many exams in Washington in the northwest of Cleveland Ito Park community primary school in front of the door, waiting for her husband and his rendezvous together to see the teacher Perot Thessaloniki recalled his student, learning that the maximum pressure to the number of stages of preparing for the college entrance examination before the primary school and high school, junior middle school time is quite relaxing. Today, the 6 year old daughter has just entered primary school, Perot Thessaloniki state and his little daughter feel it. Is it true that American basic education is as happy as many people in China? When Chinese parents’ anxiety is increasing, what is the state of parents and children in the United States? American parents also attach great importance to education, school move is common at 4 in the afternoon, the third grade primary school students Kylie Ito just finished 1 hours of mathematics curriculum interest group, sitting in the street on the steps to help just on the first grade friends homework, while waiting for his friend’s mother to pick them home together. Yesterday, the teacher left his homework, did not leave today." Kylie fingers calculations: "every subject homework for about 15 minutes to complete all assignments to a total of 40 minutes, I can do." From Ito primary school less than 10 minutes walk is the Washington International School Middle School, the high school level of education in Washington at the top, there are a number of graduates from the Ivy League school to continue their studies each year. Nelson brothers and sisters in junior high school here, spend time on homework every day about 1 to 1.5 hours. Similar to Kylie, unless the teacher has special requirements, and the two basic homework, parents do not need to intervene. If they don’t understand what they are learning, they will ask the teacher for help. Although American children have a stronger sense of autonomy in learning, this does not mean that American parents ignore basic education, and they want to send their children to the best schools. It is understood that the United States has about about 50000000 students enrolled in public primary and secondary schools, of which about seven of primary and secondary school students. Because of the principle of public schools to take the nearest school, the United States also has a school district room, parents and school choice is very common move. In order to choose the right school for her daughter, Boeing’s international public relations director Tom · Mclean had to take the children on the spot investigation, comparison of public and private schools near the home. Although the school hardware is very important, but the school reputation and academic level is my top priority." Mclean said. Zhang Xiaoxia is the Maryland Baltimore International School Chinese project responsible person, in her opinion, directly related to ethnicity, family income, parental education level and family education for children is not necessarily the degree of attention, the unified decision is the performance of the different scale of parents on children’s expectations. On the whole, the majority of parents in the minds of parents is still very heavy. But why specific to the child’s homework, academic performance, the United States parents to let go? According to some Chinese people who live in the United States for a long time to observe, Chinese parents work during the day, busy at night homework and extracurricular classes, the state of the United States, even if the parents have no choice. American families generally have two or more children, parents usually pay attention to the workplace and child care has been consumed)相关的主题文章: