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The Peacock Flying Blue Sky Dream – Sohu comments winged blue sky, Yu Xu is not the first person to "strong state, right arm, Feng Ru in the 1912 air show due to the crash of sacrifice. He left the phrase "not because we shoot and drag its initiative, this is a must have for class" will become the Chinese aviation inspire generations of fighting spirit of endless power. In February 1930, e-yu-wan base seized a plane crash the Kuomintang air force "Kose" aircraft, named "Lenin", opened the Chinese leadership of the Communist Party of the Red Army Air Force by precedent; 1938, by sending in aviation training classes, training a "red air force first cadre"; January 1941 the CPC Central Committee, approved the establishment of military aviation school; in 1945, the Northeast Anti Japanese democratic coalition air corps was established in Jilin, Tonghua, later renamed the "Northeast Democratic Coalition aviation school", is also the northeast old school people known as "". In the flames of war era, Chinese Communists have never give up the attention of the space. On the eve of the liberation of the country, the formation of the people’s air force on the historical mission of the agenda, in August 18, 1949, President Mao Zedong stressed: "there must be a strong air force!" A month after the founding of new China, in November 11th, the Chinese people’s Liberation Army Air Force was formally established. It marks the China Communist Party led the people have the basic state and national independence, began to build a powerful air barrier to maintain national security and development, Chinese will bid farewell to the history of humiliation have entered the proof of the matter of national security to create a new era of air defense.相关的主题文章: