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The new regulations to the webcast "farce" when the end? – Beijing – trainee newspaper reporter Han Dandong reporter Zhao Li tried hard to start from the new regulations in the field of live Internet news information service as the representative, through the broadcast publishing and dissemination channels to carry out standardization management mode, to guide its barbaric growth stage to enter from the standardized development track, the value of. "Regulations" in the provisions of the corresponding penalties for lack of some restrictions and related content, the actual effect may be discounted in 2016, known as "the first year of the webcast". As a product of the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the network is currently the most popular one of the air industry. According to the China Internet development statistics report shows that as of June 2016, the size of the webcast reached 325 million, accounting for the total Internet users of 45.8%. According to incomplete statistics, the company provides more than 300 home network service platform, and the number is still growing. At the same time, pornography, violence, rumors, fraud and other parts of the network broadcast platform. According to the network broadcast chaos, the state Internet Information Office recently issued the "Internet broadcast service management regulations", "air" on the webcast set new rules. The new regulations highlight the 5 highlights it is understood that the new regulations focus on the Internet news news broadcast in the field, but also put forward some of the common requirements of the webcast industry. In this regard, the Renmin University of China law school postdoctoral researcher Liu Xiaocen of the "Legal Daily" reporter analysis said that in recent years, along with the "fans economy" of the "eyeball economy" rise, some hearsay "rumor party" and vulgar pornographic "title party" in the network broadcast platform, leading to the truth is often submerged in the three into a tiger, Public clamor can melt metals.. "The new regulations to start from the field to live as the representative of the Internet news information services, through the broadcast publishing and dissemination channels to carry out standardization management mode, guide them get rid of barbaric growth stage to enter standardization, the value of the development track, including in the news broadcast field audit strictly subject qualification, carrying out the general news responsible for editing system, on the live and interactive content and implementation of the" first trial ", marking news sources." Liu Xiaocen said, in the general network broadcast field, requires the establishment of content audit platform, equipped with the appropriate professional team and technical personnel, the establishment of Internet broadcast publishing credit management system, establish a blacklist management system, these Provisions are intended to implement broadcast platform and the publisher and responsible for the content, to avoid a short-term benefit and frequently break the bottom line of the repeated flooding. For the introduction of the provisions, many experts believe that a lot of highlights. For example, the network will be the backbone of the credit rating of the platform and its management and services directly linked. Network anchor the higher the credit rating, it is possible to obtain higher authority and income and live, the anchor is dishonesty will be included in the "black list", which makes behavior norms and commercial interests of network anchor, so that the rule of law and the integrity of the re.相关的主题文章: