The morning climb into the villa to steal red sandalwood tree stolen tree brother was sentenced to s incubus

The morning climb into the villa to steal red sandalwood tree stolen tree brother was sentenced to six months – reporter Zheng Zhenhua correspondent Ji Hongyan He Juan for the love of trees, the man Liu night into the garden villa, stealing 4 rosewood tree and a tree box tree, think back to Guangxi home grown. Reporters learned yesterday from the Doumen court, theft of other people’s property, Liu was sentenced to six months and fined $2000. Villa into stealing trees are found 45 year old Liu came to Zhuhai in 1995, Doumen has now casual work, marry and settle down in Doumen, he has been very love tree. In May 2nd this year at 1 pm, Liu alone riding a motorcycle came near Doumen, Jingan Town District, found the cell periphery of barbed wire is easy to access a Nianqi, moved into the area to steal some of the tree planting the idea back to Guangxi home. Liu turned over the area of barbed wire, climbing a villa railing into the villa garden. Under a street, Liu soon found a rosewood tree garden fish pond, he immediately hand pulled four trees. Later, Liu was in the garden of the swimming pool to find a height of about three cm, forty boxwood tree head, he hands the tree head out and find two white bag in the garden installed, put bags thrown into the walls of the garden, then he pulls out the fence. Night 4 pm, residential property monitoring room attendant found a man carrying two bags over a white villa wall head out, quickly notify the security patrol officers went to see. Liu took the stolen trees to go outside the villa embankment, found a residential security staff here, will throw in the trees beside the river reeds, hiding themselves in the swamp in the river bank. Security personnel in the area of green belt was found near a motorcycle, then in the reeds found with trees of the bag, estimated stealing people not far away, may hide in the reeds, and while the police, while someone hold on both sides of the intersection search. Liu found no way to escape, had no choice but to hide in the swamp in the grass dare not come out. Until May 2nd at 9 am, police and security personnel will be arrested liu. Because of theft was sentenced to six months by the Price Bureau Price Certification Center identified the stolen trees worth 11200 yuan, which is a valuable stolen boxwood bonsai plants have been cultivated for many years. July 19th, Doumen District Prosecutor’s office in Doumen to prosecute the crime of theft liu. The court held that Liu for the purpose of illegal possession, secretly steal other people’s property, the larger the amount, his behavior constituted theft. In view of the defendant Liu justice truthfully confessed his crime, and pleaded guilty in court, stolen property has been recovered, according to the Doumen court guilty of theft, sentenced the defendant Liu imprisonment for six months, and fined 2000 yuan. Liu did not appeal, the judgment has entered into force. The judge said the case: love cannot become the reason to steal love trees is not wrong, but to steal other people’s tree back to his home to go, is the violation of the criminal law act. According to the relevant provisions of the current crime of theft in Zhuhai larger starting point of three thousand yuan, a huge amount of newspaper相关的主题文章: