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The men’s 20 yuan gambling 1 billion 200 million users " ": I do Renqin; uncle man 20 yuan gambling in 1 billion 200 million according to British media, "Daily Mail" reported that a man in Italy last week won the grand prize of 163 million 500 thousand euros (about 1 billion 200 million yuan), to become the largest European lottery history award is one of the main prize amount. The man from Sicily last week spent 3 euros (about 22 yuan) to buy a Super Lotto lottery in Italy (SuperEnalotto). Since last July, the Italy Super Lotto (SuperEnalotto) has been available to the more than and 200 period, which makes the jackpot a staggering 163 million 500 thousand euros. On Thursday the lottery, buy the Sicily lucky lottery hit all the lottery numbers, so as to become a billionaire overnight. Italy is the 163 million Super Lotto history second awards, in October 2010, a team from Milan to buy once in 177 million euros jackpot. It is reported that a winning lottery ticket purchased from the store, the Sicily in Catania City, the grand prize money is too great, even sell lottery shop owner sometimes difficult to believe that "people call me the grand prize of the news, I thought he was joking, until we believe is true the." In winning news, local residents are also trying to win the stampede in, sold the store with some "festive" but until now, there has not been a winner of the award show news. The Daily Mail reported this news, the British response is also quite interesting. Netizens have "recognize relatives," oh my God, this is not my long lost uncle?" Mafia " renowned " global hope Mafia do not knock on the door of the winner of the Sicily is the origin of the Italy Mafia, the organization is still not a small influence in Italy. This netizen said, I do not know is out of genuine fear or envy jealous hate it?   is a look at the old saying "rather than winning the lottery, I still feel the risk of pregnancy should be higher. By the way, I’m a man". This netizen Tucao, should be able to cause many domestic lottery "resonance".   causes the netizen said the winner out why anonymity; "don’t spend time using the Internet to find the long lost relatives, so you won the jackpot, you will emerge a lot of completely unimaginable relatives."相关的主题文章: