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Self-Improvement If you have recently .e across an increased volume of material and hears numerous discussions about such concept known as "The Law of Attraction",the chances are very high that this has emanated from the launch of a film called "The Secret" a couple of years ago. You must surely by now have .e across references to this film or maybe even seen it yourself? The amount of publicity about the film and the law of attraction are so great that it will not be too long before most inqusitive people will .e across some reference to them! So for those of you who may have been living in a cave for the last 2 years or have simply just never yet .e across this latest trend,let me try to summarise the key messages from this film and why I feel it has caught the attention and imagination of so many people around the globe. The real message contained within the film is the search for the truth about the real meaning of life.And how we can experience more and enjoy more of every aspect of life. Once you start to study this film and its key messages,very quickly you will start to .e across many references to "The Law of Attraction" which is in essence the real secret behind "The Secret".It is this law which has been part of the universal order of things since time and humankind began. Apparently the great thinkers,philosphers and scientists of the ancient civlisations and even the Middle Ages were aware of this law and because of the general lack of education and difficulties of .munication amongst the largely illiterate general masses of populations centuries ago- the " secret" remained known to only a small minority of enlightened and privileged people. The messages which are uncovered and brought to light in the film have been know to mankind for centuries but were the domain of a few enlightened and privileged individuals.However with modern day .munications and in particular with the power of the Internet-these "hidden truths" have now been finally exposed to the light of day and millions of people are now aware of them. So what is the "Law of Attraction" and how does a universal law which essentially governs the whole structure of our universe,manage,if we are to believe the scientists,to have such an influence on our lives? The answer lies in the fact that the whole universe and every object within it is made up of the same kd of matter-the table,the cat,a tree,your body,are all made up of biilions of minute particles of energy which are constantly resonating or vibrating. This energy has magnetic and electrical qualities which means it can and does attract to other particles in other bodies which are resonating and vibrating at similar frequencies.It is this which gives rise to the science behind "The Law of Attraction" which also applies equally to even intangible things such as our thoughts! Because our thoughts can resonate and transmit,we can literally attract things into our lives which are resonating on similar frequencies-hence .mon saying in the english language such as " Birds of a feather stick together" and "like attracts like" and so on- at a base level this is an example of the"law of attraction" at work. Taking this one step further,modern day life coaches,nlp practioners,psychiatrists and so on have expounded theories which ultimately state that our lives and what we all encounter in our lives,is a direct result of the way we think and what we think about most in life! In other words" our thoughts be.e things". What the law of attraction tells us that we can literally influence the shape and of our lvies by the way in which we think about all the aspects of our lives.Our thoughts really do be.e things and our lifepath is set by the way we see and think about our circumstances- the irony is it is our thoughts which have created those circumstances. The modern day applications of this amazing law are endless and it is no surprise that there are now hundreds of books about the subject which are attracting major interest. However what many of these manuals fail to achieve is to teach people how to really apply these principles of the law of attraction to their daily lives. Whilst reading about and improving one’s understanding of the "Law of Attraction" is one thing,learning how to apply the messages and lessons from this principle is not so easy.The best programmes will show you how to apply thse principles on a consistent and regular basis so that it a part of your daily routine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: