The convenience store in Shanghai is less than half a year to retreat due to operating pressure (vid ca1806

The convenience store in Shanghai is less than half a year to retreat due to operating pressure absolutely empty shelves piled on the floor of packaged goods, the side of the corner, there are a few pieces of panic buying several customers folded stationery. Opened less than 2 months, the convenience of Changde Road ushered in its last day. At the same time, the 5 convenience stores in Shanghai area are all closed, temporarily withdraw from the Shanghai market. Single day revenue of nearly 20 thousand yuan to close? Why is it? This city is quite good." The convenience store is Changde Road, while the selection of goods while the customer asked. After a few days after the promotion folded, yesterday, the store officially closed. Relevant responsible person told the reporter of the shop, the shop is closed because the company for investors, new investors decided to temporarily abandon the deep market headquarters in Beijing, in the Shanghai area of expansion and management. It is said to invest 400 million yuan, specializing in the Beijing market." In fact, the convenience store in Shanghai time is less than half a year, it was revealed that since the beginning of June this year, the open 5 convenience stores in the people’s Square, Changde Road, Zhongshan North Road city center area, it also plans to achieve rapid expansion in Shanghai. Now, all stores have been closed. The reporter learned from the convenience, the company suspended the Shanghai 5 stores in operation, the next step in the plan of action. "Maybe it’s because the competition is too intense." Relevant person in charge told reporters that, in fact, opened nearly 2 months, the store’s business is still good. A good day can do nearly 20 thousand yuan turnover. Really want to do business is quite good. But early investment here, the cost of rent at least 30 thousand yuan a month or more, the pressure is indeed relatively large." How to close the store employees? The responsible person said, the store is closed, the company will issue employees half a month salary, and additional compensation for one and a half months of wages. "We actually feel very pity, originally wanted to be a veteran, now for the investors, strategic adjustments have been made, they also had to find a job again." A number of intimate service to open the market, I often come to the convenience store, the left hand side and a small attic rest area, you can eat to rest, the store is also similar to the whole family, very convenient." White collar Miss Lu said, he frequented the convenience store next door, let her feel intimate, the store also offers a free mobile phone charging service, several times to help her solution as pressing danger. According to the service staff, convenience store on the wall set up a few small cabinets, cabinets, there are a variety of charging data lines, consumers can enjoy the food at the same time, while charging their mobile phones. In addition, the convenience store also opened the laundry service. "Consumers just need to wash clothes to the store, to pay a certain amount of time to come back on the list. A shirt washed 15 yuan, we basically did not profit from it." The responsible person said, the convenience store provides a series of services, but also want to accumulate a certain reputation advantage in the fierce competition in the market. Scale efficiency is difficult to form "from the strategic level, in the convenience store format is relatively mature in Shanghai, if there is no scale effect, it is relatively large operating pressure."相关的主题文章: