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The city without you, a good stranger to public concern, Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: fish is very thin Ying a man wandering in his seven year stay in the city streets, the city without you, good strange across the street from the original store that raised only two ha good funny; the original downstairs convenience stores posted a poster of Bigbang; the original KFC is next to 85 degrees C; the original of this city the sky is so blue; the city lights good beautiful; center is blocked, people everywhere, everywhere is the car; at two or three street, still busy to explode. Can still feel lonely. The house so much, no one is her people; then she knew no one caught. The seven years of her dedication to the city, still refused to smile at her. The city without you, good strange when the college entrance examination, she is not the first time to keep in front of the computer to volunteer, the original can be on a line she arrived in the city, a strange combination of circumstances, on an ordinary university. The spirit of Take things as they come. ideas, she and several roommates play for four years, also recognized the "doomed" he. Don’t think the love love a strange combination of circumstances when the university is more beautiful, green light of heart from care. In fact, do things every day is really boring and innocent. Romance is mostly based on the economic basis, rose more than expensive, Ferrero Rocher more expensive, more expensive engagement ring….. Because both sides are ordinary families, so their appointment daily, mostly is hand in hand with the pressure of the road, watching the stars in the playground; close together with the headset to listen to the song; the weekend go to the zoo to see the monkey; with the class pass notes in love; class together in the cafeteria fed each other; to go to study in the library, looking at each other in a daze; together with friends to eat barbecue, chitchatting…… The city without you, good strange because always around his roommate and family, such as life Ying, obviously left tens of millions of years, but almost do not want to go home. Life is so heartless too, until the university graduated four years, until the roommates apart. After graduation, she did not hesitate to give up the home for her to arrange a safe job, with him to stay in the city to fight (the city is his hometown), a cohabitation, is three years. He lifted her long hair, she made soup for his hands. Two people from passion to dull, like understanding lived for many years the old couple that Ying often forget they also did not receive a certificate. After three years of cohabitation Gebendongxi loved life, Ying almost always revolves around him. A work is home to his cook; he entertainment, she will come back to him at home waiting for him to work overtime; she is a person to pick up the small household affairs…… I didn’t go to see a film, I didn’t go to a street, I didn’t have a friend to talk to. )相关的主题文章: