The Canadian government began to pay more attention to foreign student immigration policy 19 effecti clonecd

The Canadian government began to value the immigrant students Jiafenzhengce 19 date – Beijing Chinese overseas network on 13 November, according to Canada’s "world news" reported that the Canadian Federal Department of immigration, refugees and citizens have released the latest fast access (Express Entry, referred to as EE) comprehensive score (Comprehensive Ranking System, the immigration standards referred to as said CRS), came into effect this month 19 days. Canadian worry free reports, according to the new standards, foreign students to complete a year to two years of college courses, plus 15 points. Applicants who have completed three or more years of university degree, master’s degree or a degree in vocational education, as well as an applicant for a doctoral degree may add up to 30 points. Regulations stressed that foreign students must meet the following requirements: must be in the Canadian colleges and universities; full time courses into full eight months; must live in Canada for over eight months. The previous scoring criteria for international students studying in Canada did not have any points. It is worth mentioning that the original holders of highly educated overseas applicants tend to have a stronger advantage than applicants studying in canada. The new rules show that the government began to value the students in Canada, for their extra points and provide a quick immigration channel. This is also to remind students to study abroad friends, good reading it, education is more and more important.相关的主题文章: