The birth of Trump’s facial expressions when politicians become entertainment stars mia farrow

The birth of Trump expression package: when politicians become the entertainment star in September 26, 2016, Hempstead in the United States, 2016 U.S. presidential election the first televised debate held, Republican presidential candidate Trump speech. Vision China figure in the 2016 U.S. presidential election just ended the first televised debate, Trump poor performance, several times by the suppression of Hilary. The debate over which candidate could be elected president is in full swing. Trump, this is full of racial and gender hatred, constantly lie, good personal attacks to the candidates began to appear in public view and announced to participate in the election, many people just regard it as a joke. "". Now, although his campaign prospects are still controversial, but the orange blond, verbal behavior are exaggerated real estate tycoon standing on the debate will be the image of the election will leave a deep imprint. The idol is enough to attract attention, the competition is fierce enough has become part of the political election. Behind the aura of democracy, the phenomenon of Trump reflects the trend of the historical process of democracy — the rise of entertainment and the decline of politics. In a wide range of public participation, the current political world has inevitably been gradually visual and entertainment elements swallowed up, political stars into entertainment idols. This may mean that there are more performance, more attractive to the media and social attention, the higher the exposure rate of people who are about to lead the government and state positions. The politics of entertainment in the image community: caring for politics, starting with a pack of September 26, 2016, Hilary and Trump on the first televised debate on the 2016 u.s.. In order to win support, has always been known as the "do not love makeup, makeup appearance Hilary always made a compromise, she specially drew eyes, trying to create a full of go with bold eyeliner and mascara image. While her rival Trump was opened, to carefully build a head striking golden hair. Although many professional critics of this debate is lack of substantive significance, but such vivid picture is enough to make the audience carnival, debate, and the expression of every kind of spoof screenshot package. Whether it is ever fire Trump hair dancing figure, or once often spread the Bush Laden dance chart, or series of packets in the recently often scraper Obama expression, have become the popular image of the leaders. Different from the obscure political views, the most vivid and intuitive expression package, popular, novelty, the extremely serious national leaders and the extreme image of "not serious" culture mix, forming a hilarious artistic effect. The birth of the expression package, in a sense, witnessed the image of the era of torrent, serious political discussion how to become a big show. On the one hand, a simple picture looks out the knowledge threshold, easy manufacture, easy to spread, easy for people to accept, easily lead to the effect of public opinion groups in a short period of time, to meet the grassroots political participation desire; on the other hand, the political topic depth is simplistic and one-sided, can form a visual impact for people’s information was repeated to confirm and highlight the most widely spread.相关的主题文章: