The bigger the belly, the bigger the baby Pregnant mother to look at those things during pregnancy –

The bigger the belly, the bigger the baby? Pregnant mother to look at those things during pregnancy – the size of the mother and daughter of the Sohu and the appearance of common problems why some pregnant women in the middle of the line color is very deep, some very shallow? These are influenced by hormonal pigmentation, every pregnant woman are a little bit different, not necessarily, but are normal; in addition some pregnant women will have a convex navel, whether it is in fact concave or convex navel navel is a normal phenomenon, probably because the convex navel navel quilt palace top out by not too care. The stomach is pointed to the boy, the stomach is round and pregnant girl? Many people from the shape of pregnant women to determine whether the stomach is a boy or a girl, but this argument does not have a scientific basis, not necessarily accurate, purely probability. Why some pregnant women have a big belly, some small? Some pregnant women are very likely to hide the abdomen (belly is very small), this is why? Just because some pregnant women in early pregnancy, pregnant 4 months ago actually see not too out of the belly size, beginning also did not hold uterine big belly, 5 months later, the stomach will be developed slowly; some pregnant women is the body itself is plump, the stomach will not be particularly large compared to others; how much is related to fetal size and amniotic fluid. Second trimester pregnant women, because the belly has been greater than the support, more relaxed, so the stomach often will grow faster. What is the common problem of amniotic fluid amniotic fluid what is the role? Amniotic fluid is mainly derived from the fetus’s urine, other also includes the placenta and umbilical cord surface secretion of liquid and amniotic membrane tissue and other sources. The amniotic fluid in the uterus, the uterus? Balloonlike was propped up, with the protection of the fetus and avoid the buffering effect of a slight impact, but this was propped up in the womb amniotic fluid space, also can let the fetus stretch is available to the growth of space. In addition, amniotic fluid can also open the fetal lung, respiratory and lung development after birth in order to prepare ahead of time (within the fetus without lungs, but by the placenta and umbilical cord of gas exchange). With the progress of pregnancy, amniotic fluid volume? The baby will drink amniotic fluid, and then urine out, continue to drink the continuous cycle of urine. The amount of amniotic fluid can be measured from ultrasound. From early pregnancy amniotic fluid only tens of grams, slowly evolving to mid pregnancy is about 300 ~ 500 grams; late pregnancy is about 600 ~ 800 grams (but the amount of amniotic fluid or amniotic fluid volume between each It differs from man to man., not necessarily how much). 36 weeks of pregnancy, amniotic fluid volume will reach the most, and then gradually reduced, because at this time the fetus has been very large, the space inside the uterus is not much, but less amniotic fluid production, but this is a normal process. If there is too much amniotic fluid, what could be the problem? The doctor will measure the amniotic fluid index, amniotic fluid index higher than 25 cm if the amniotic fluid is too much (some doctors feel more than 20 cm even if too much). If the doctor to determine the amniotic fluid is too much, it is necessary to doubt whether the fetus to drink too little amniotic fluid or amniotic fluid to make too much. The former is mainly due to abnormal gastrointestinal absorption, while the latter is mainly caused by gestational diabetes. If there is too little amniotic fluid, what could be the problem? If amniotic fluid.相关的主题文章: