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Food-and-Drink Acai bowls for some time have be.e integral part of Melbourne’s breakfast scene. Acai is the berry which is considered as a health super food by nutritionists and medical professionals because of the array health benefits it offers. Acai bowl consisting of the smoothie prepared from this berry topped with many natural ingredients including fruits, nuts, etc. has be.e a tremendously popular healthy breakfast option for many people. Famous recipes of Acai Bowl in Melbourne food scene can offer is really overwhelming for the taste buds and eyes. Trend, taste or health, what wins? There are bounty of food trends out there, but most are unwarranted and you actually cannot be sure about their health effects. But as far as Acai bowls are concerned, you can be sure of the health quotient of this superb breakfast option. It features the super health food from Brazil called Acai berry, which is the main ingredient of this. Besides surprising health benefits these berries are great in taste and just quenches your sweet craving in a healthy way. What better option one can think of? Great breakfast option Acai bowls though look much like ice cream and though tastes similar to ice cream fulfilling your sweet craving, you actually end up eating a healthy dish while taking it in breakfast. Acai bowl is basically a thick wholesome smoothie topped with a variety of options, including oatmeal, fruit, peanut butter, etc. An Acai bowl with fresh fruits and nuts topping it is double healthy breakfast and more importantly by consuming it one can actually stay fuller for longer because of high fibre quantity. Acai berries to Acai bowls Acai berries known world over for their health benefits are widely marketed as packed Acai puree. With this smoothie making a tasty ice-cream like dish requires some good sense of toppings or fruit fusion. A mixture of Acai puree topped with frozen fruit like banana, strawberries and nuts like almond, walnut, etc. will make the yummy creamy breakfast ready for a fresh appetite and feeling of health. Other natural options like soy or coconut milk can be added to it for extra creaminess or thinning the puree a little. Acai Berries to a heavenly dish of smoothie and fruits called as Acai bowl is really a praiseworthy culinary invention and helped people turn towards low calorie high fibre healthy breakfast. Where can you find great Acai Bowls in Melbourne? In cosmopolitan Melbourne, Acai bowls can be found in almost every local juice or smoothie selling restaurants or breakfast cafes or juice bars. The people of Melbourne embraced this sweet tasty, healthy light food option for their sweet craving as well as for a healthy choice. Remember, preparing Acai bowls needs good mixing skill and sense of creating the nice topping. One always can make a wild choice of toppings in his Acai bowl, but for the taste buds of majority professional hands in preparation are irreplaceable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: