Steve Jobs Versus Tim Cook-punyu

Business Apple is Steve’s baby; no one will run Apple as he has. This is a man who started Apple out of his garage in 1976 along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. It is impossible to replicate that passion. Believe it or not, in the early days Steve was known an aggressive taskmaster who was extremely difficult to deal with. Even so, his forceful, erratic and wild demeanor helped transform the way humans interacted with .puters in a big way. He popularized the Graphic User Interface (GUI), the mouse and the desktop set of icons that are still popular today. More importantly, Jobs remade Apple into the largest .pany in the world by market capitalization.Here’s why Steve Jobs is so important… In 1985 he was forced out of Apple, ironically by the same guy he hired to run the .pany. Jobs immediately founded NeXT (apparently he likes to play with capitalization), where he honed and tested his ideas. In ’86 Steve Jobs purchased Pixar from George Lucas and turned it into the most successful animated movie production house of all time (related : movies to ipad ). He sold Pixar to Disney for $7.4 billion and sits on the Disney board. By 1996, Apple was faltering, and Jobs made his .eback. His presence was immediately felt. He has a gift… His personality has showed up in the products Apple produced, and in the culture of the .pany itself. Indeed, many folks say Apple’s culture is like a cult.He is the face and soul of Apple in many minds, including mine. Like many, I attribute much of Apple’s success to Jobs. Tim Cook is cut from a different cloth. Before joining Apple in 1998, the engineer worked for .paq and IBM. In both capacities he was more of a logistics and operations guy. In other words, he is not known for his creativity. But he is a logistics genius. He got Apple out of the manufacturing business and outsourced all its production. This allowed Apple to control inventory and change its supply chain dramatically, thus increasing margins. Cook has been around long enough to know how Apple works and to keep it running smoothly. He has been the .pany’s chief operating officer and oversaw sales and operations. As far as being a visionary and showman like Jobs, I can’t say. Neither his .mencement speech at Auburn nor his appearance at a Mac media event (related : mac dvd to ipad ) impressed me. But you can tell that Jobs has had a big influence on him. Having a man like Cook at the helm is not a bad thing for Apple for now. But with every cult, there must be a leader, someone who continues to mystify its followers. Apple actually has "magical" products . From what I have seen of Cook, I don’t know if he has the "magic" or passion that Jobs has. Don’t expect any major changes, though. Cook has been basically running the .pany since January of this year, when Jobs started his leave of absence. Jobs will remain on the board and I am sure will be a confidant and advisor to Cook. From the looks of it, Jobs may have deteriorating health issues again and if God forbid he were to pass, it would be a devastating blow to the .pany, the culture and the apple stock. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: