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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Air Conditioner is the advanced, innovative and economical home appliance that provide you healthy, cozy and lavish atmosphere to get relaxed, even in hot summer. There are different types of Air Conditioners available in the market like Central Air System, Window unit, Split AC etc. Split AC have extravagant advantages over the other types of ACs like superior efficiency, less noise production, sleek and compact design, less space requirement etc. Panasonic is the leading consumer electronic brand, which is enjoying smart sum of the market share especially, electric cookers and mixers. The Managing Director of Panasonic India Mr. Hindonori Aso said that, It would soon conduct a feasibility study for including products like food processors and hand mixers among others. We now want to increase our exports from the current 15 per cent of total sales to 30 per cent by the end of next financial year. We are exploring markets like Nigeria and Egypt too. Last year, Company has reported the total revenues of $40 million and expecting to reach the $60 million by the end of 2011. The new and innovative product line-up is the ray of hope for the company to achieve its target. Now, the Panasonic has established a good reputation in the AC market by means of its exclusive and sophisticated collection and giving tough competition to the Korean-based LG and Samsung companies. Panasonic has registered the increased share to 11% from 9% with total AC sales of more than 4.34 lakh units in month of January 2011. You are available with the 30 Panasonic Split AC models including Panasonic CS-PC5GKJ Split AC, Panasonic CS-C7HKP Split AC, Panasonic CS-C9HKP Split AC, Panasonic CS-PC7GKJ Split AC, Panasonic CS-10HKP Split AC, Panasonic CS-PC12GKP Split AC, Panasonic CS-C12HKP Split AC, Panasonic CS-PC18GKP Split AC, Panasonic CS-C18HKP Split AC and more. Similarly, Samsung Split AC is recognized for their high-tech sophistications, performance and quality that make you available with the hygienic, healthy and fresh air to breathe. Voltas Split AC is one of the affordable, feature-packed and highly-efficient ACs that provide you cozy and healthy atmosphere. In market now you are also available with Mini Split AC, which usually designed for the homes having organization of radiant panels, space heaters and other heating systems. Their compact and sleek design, easy installation and flexibility make them prefect choice for the people, who are more concerned to the appearance, convince and limited with the space. In order to know more about the currently available Split AC in India just logon to naaptol.com. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: