South China University students develop odd frog UAV flies faster than the car ca1805

South China University students develop odd frog UAV flying faster than the car like a frog like uav. Photo by Zhu Changhua yesterday, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics once a year of college students "creative innovation and entrepreneurial culture festival grand opening," odd frog "intelligent motion UAV, monkey dance robot and more than 60 pieces of College Students’ innovative works collective appearance, attracted students to have a look. Unmanned aerial vehicles like frogs, flying faster than the car also streamlined fuselage, configuration four rotors, lightweight compact structure…… Roadshow scene of this UAV is like a frog in a rainforest, and so it is, they put the drone named odd frog uav. In addition to the shape like a frog, this UAV also has the characteristics of fast speed, small size, weight of only 1.3 kg of odd frog fly up, the maximum speed can reach up to 85 kilometers per hour. Odd frog UAV can catch up with the off-road motorcycle, and shoot a very stable picture, the size of the folded and almost a book, easy to carry. "Odd frog" is the founder of China Southern Airlines three aircraft manufacturing professional doctor, "Southern graduate Xu Junyong the third grade student said:" after eight years of production and accumulation of more than a year of design, finally hatched "odd frog now."". The magic of the frog is still in its "fool" operation. Wearing a special watch, with a waist diameter of only five cm positioning cube, preset mode in the mobile phone APP, the "odd frog" will obediently follow you. Whether it is in the water on the boat, or a rotating speeding car on the highway, it can be done following the shooting. The watch is used to control the take-off and landing, just a few simple button, even if there is no UAV operation experience novice, can also manipulate the "odd frog". 1 minutes to sort out a total of 800 coins in the creation of the three Festival roadshow scene, by the Institute of electrical and mechanical innovation team to bring the coin sorting machine is particularly eye-catching. In the demo of the team members, the coin sorting and sorting machine is in charge of sorting, counting and packing. Compared with other coin sorting machine, it has an absolute advantage, not only small size, accuracy rate of 100%, and high efficiency, the ability to sort out the 1 minutes of the 800 coins. The "coin sorting machine is based on one yuan coins, five coins and a dime to the diameter of the designed," team member chronicles explained, "coins of different diameter on the track from picking holes corresponding to the fall, thus sorting." (Yangzi Evening News correspondent Ma Yunfei, Zhu Changhua reporter Yang Tianzi)相关的主题文章: