Slag men and more women marry and have children cheat 2 million and 1 people are true love misao

Male and female slag married cheat 2 million and 1 person each other love is the original title: five male and female more than ten slag two million and one fraud victims married said "we love the nurse" Yangzi Evening News Network October 13th news (reporter correspondent Ren Guoyong Qi Wenxuan) 5 year old man Kwak claiming to work in the Nanjing customs, he made fake uniforms and he has a wife and daughter trickster documents, in his hometown of Yancheng, and in Nanjing lie to marry a married nurse. Lied to a Nantong woman cohabitation and fraud Liangbaiwanyu yuan. Recently, the Nanjing police caught him in the hotel when he was around new yang. Currently, Kwak was arrested on a number of charges of criminal detention. At the beginning of September, Qixia police station received Nantong yaohuamen woman Cai police, her husband Guo missing for a month, he suspected that he was cheated, Kwak took her friends and had a total of about 2000000 yuan. Yaohuamen police in a hotel in Yangzhou caught guo. Cai statement, in 2009, she was recognized by the QQ customs officials in Nanjing Guo, not long after, Kwak dressed in uniforms to see her. See his uniform prestige, good multiplication, will happen on the day of the two. After the Spring Festival in 2010, Guo let her come to Nanjing to find him, he was on a business trip, Cai rented a suite in Nanjing, he came back. Guo came back, the two cohabitation. 2012, Kwak to propose a marriage, and told her that the customs officer’s marriage certificate is not obtained by the Civil Affairs Bureau, but by the customs examination issued. CAI and he took a photo for gospel truth, Kwak claimed the photos on units. Three months later, Cai get the so-called Nanjing Customs issued a marriage certificate. During this period, Kwak to borrow money to borrow a variety of excuses, such as gifts to the leadership, buy a house, do business, etc.. At the beginning of 2016, Mr. Kwak to pay back the money by Cai Cai with money, had to borrow from friends 100 thousand. In August 1st this year, Mr. Kwak to travel to Shenzhen for money, Cai said really no money, but through Alipay gave him 1500 yuan. After a month, Kwak lost contact, Cai Moucai feel cheated, and she gave him about 1100000 yuan, then report. According to the information provided by the police Cai investigation, soon found him in a hotel in Yangzhou, the arrest of Guo Mouzheng hug sweetheart yang. Yang said they had just met, he said he was a customs officer, I think he had a good condition to communicate with him, in the case of Kwak said he had no money, she gave him 1000 yuan. In addition to cheat about 1100000 yuan Cai, Guo also Kengpian Cai friend Lee 700 thousand yuan. After the Spring Festival this year, when a friend to borrow Lee 100 thousand yuan, said Kwak in Nanjing customs work, and the leadership of the general administration is very good. Lee would like to ask Guo to arrange his nephew into the customs work. Guo heard someone asking him to work, claiming to work offerings to ensure, Nanjing procuratorate to price 400 thousand, Nanjing customs price 600 thousand yuan. Lee said he would like to send 600 thousand nephew to customs. Kwak let Lee nephew to prepare personal data. A few days later, Mr. Kwak said no money leaders don’t talk about it, and go to work before May price 700 thousand, 600 thousand yuan in September. Lee quickly scored 700 thousand yuan Kwak card. Later, Yan相关的主题文章: