SKT players to participate in the interview program faker the next life do not want to do players

SKT chat show: Faker members to participate in the next life do not want players in November 8th, SKT made by the afreecaTV S6 Championship commemorative special broadcast. It’s not a press interview or a press conference, but an easy talk show! Conversation SKT team players to participate in the chat show here is the program’s excerpt: Faker says the next life do not want to do with the beginning of the spring’s Faker: line, and then quickly push on the other side of a nearby eye is the key to the outcome of the hand with Q (exercise 3)! I always watch my brisk performance, discuss with me about the news or community which I will pay attention to. I don’t want to be a professional player in my next life, I want to live an ordinary life. What I want to say is: the game is well done and I believe she can do well in other jobs. Can continuously play dazzling performance is the power source of me, it is a pity to be less than in 2013, making it a lot of some Bang Bang: female gun auxiliary is only an illusion, in fact, is AI good, rather than female gun more cattle. Tell a joke: it is time for the war against ROX, Bengi brother did not discipline things, we do not know the life of a professional player as perfect as a dream, but not every day happy. If Wolf dies, it explodes No, no, I don’t think there’s any difference. Bengi Bengi: and ROX that bureau, did not tell you I did not discipline, is to give the courage of the partners. Not ready for the leopard, but it’s not bad. Next life want to be a chef Lee coach to hard, really give thanks to him. I hope the coach will get married next year. If you can’t get married next year, maybe forever… I hope I can get a championship in the KeSPA cup, so I will try my best. SKT Duke: now the world’s first single player on the empty position. Bang does look very handsome and won the title, want to tear your clothes, but failed in the next life want to try other sports. I chose the AIKE skin, but also do not know what (Duke this mouthful obscenities well……) Wolf: on the line I was the strongest battle, I am also very satisfied with this mission. The value of the players well, I am the most good-looking next life want to be a teacher. If you would like to be a skin as I say, I chose the Blank Blank: fourth disc Nami final, Zach Jump honey now think of or harm the pia gave me those call me thank you very much, than what are not, have the thing of unconditional love. "??" is my motivation. (PS: funny Blank) I am king genius emperor interesting.相关的主题文章: