Sichuan college students to find the culprit for male infertility (video) ekdv-273

Sichuan college students to find the "culprit" which is a way to detect male infertility with enzyme for male infertility, compared with the analysis of the current widespread use of the semen way more reliable, in the just concluded "a youth" contest, Sichuan University "FILA en sperm sialidase detection technology" the business plan class silver. It is understood that the 9 members of the team are mostly undergraduate students, the youngest is less than the age of 20. Wang Yinsu is a member of the entrepreneurial team, but also Sichuan University Huaxi clinical undergraduate undergraduate students in reading. It is understood that the principle of male infertility has been unknown, many pregnant wife to the hospital for examination, the doctor will often carry conventional semen, by observing the number of sperm, motility and concentration under the microscope to determine whether normal sperm. However, there is a certain error in this detection method, because some of the sperm count, the vitality of male infertility. Wang Yin and team of this study is through the detection of semen enzyme index, to determine whether the sperm can be successfully combined with an egg, then the pregnancy. Wang Yinsu said, the beginning research of this technology is Professor Ma Fang of Sichuan University Huaxi Hospital, as early as five or six years ago, Professor Ma Fang in the United States is the key research field of reproductive medicine. The sialidase has in many cells in the "Discourse", then Professor Ma began to concern between the sialidase of male infertility and whether there is a relationship, she through experiments and data collected, clear between the two have close contact. Professor Ma after returning to continue to engage in research in the field, Wang Yin and Su Dongmei joined her team. It is reported that the sperm through the reproductive tract in the fallopian tube and the egg to be able to conceive, due to the existence of a lot of sperm in the reproductive tract of the material, sperm in order to protect themselves, will secrete saliva acid. If the sperm surface sialic acid excessive, sperm like wearing a thick protective clothing, do everything possible to stop with the egg; if the sialic acid is too small, it will advance the "exposure", is not conducive to the egg. The enzyme has played a role in the intervention of sialic acid, providing opportunities for the integration of sperm and eggs. For scientific research teams, the difficulty of the study is to determine the level of the standard range of enzymes, what values indicate that the enzyme is the most effective, which requires a large number of clinical trials to determine. At present, the FILA en sperm sialidase detection technology "has won the domestic invention patent technology, is currently the international patent application, this technology has been completed more than 200 cases of clinical trials in West China second hospital. If the product can be put into market, it will play an important role in the diagnosis of male infertility, assisted reproduction, sperm screening, pre marital medical examination and so on. The female teacher of Sichuan University opened her mouth to conquer the audience, her voice in her head!相关的主题文章: