Shanxi individual may apply for charging pile property, not to take the opportunity to collect fees-oembios.bin

Shanxi: the individual can apply for the establishment of charging pile property, do not take the opportunity to collect fees, taxi driver Li master call this newspaper "livelihood hotline" said that he lived in a parking space, want to ask whether the establishment of charging pile. If you can set up, which unit should you apply to? Master Li said, he runs a pure electric taxi, hoping every day. "Electric taxis need to charge, charging people can not stay in the car, the spring and autumn season three charging have to say, can carry a small stool to sit outside. It’s winter, and it’s too cold outside." Li master said that he had a parking space in the District, he wanted to apply for the establishment of a charging pile, go home can charge. It is understood that since September 17th, our province will formally implement the "Shanxi electric vehicle charging facilities construction and operation management measures" (hereinafter referred to as "measures"). "Measures" stipulates that individuals in their own parking garage, parking spaces, residential areas, units in the existing parking spaces installed charging facilities, without the need for construction land planning permits, construction planning permits and construction permits. Residents in the residential area own fixed parking spaces installed charging facilities electricity, residents apply to the power supply department telegraph installation procedures. "Measures" stipulates that all the charging facilities, districts should be given subsidies to the city government. Residential, office, parking lot in charging facilities in the installation process, the realty service enterprise or construction units, property units shall cooperate with the charging infrastructure enterprises, provide related buildings, facilities and equipment drawings or power position identified in parking areas and buried pipelines to timely, power supply enterprises determine the distribution box, charging facilities the meter box installation position, power to cooperate, and designate a person with the scene, construction. District Industry Committee, property should support and cooperate with the construction, the property may not take the opportunity to collect fees.

山西:个人可申请设立充电桩 物业不得借机收取费用   出租车司机李师傅致电本报“民生热线”说,他在居住的小区有一个车位,想询问能否设立充电桩。如果能设立,该向哪个单位申请?   李师傅说,他自己运营着一辆纯电动出租车,每天早出晚归。“电动出租车需要充电,充电时人不能待在车上,春夏秋三季充电都好说,在外面搬个小马扎一坐就行。就是冬天有些麻烦,室外太冷。”李师傅说,他在小区有个车位,他想是否可以自己申请设立一个充电桩,回家就能充电。   据了解,我省从9月17日起将正式施行《山西省电动汽车充电设施建设运营管理办法》(以下简称《办法》)。《办法》规定,个人在自有停车库、停车位,各居住区、单位在既有停车位安装充电设施的,无需办理建设用地规划许可证、建设工程规划许可证和施工许可证。居民在住宅小区内自有固定车位加装充电设施用电,由居民向供电部门申请用电报装手续。   《办法》规定,对所有充电设施,设区的市政府均应给予补贴。住宅小区、办公场所、停车场等在充电设施安装过程中,物业服务企业或建设单位、产权单位应当配合充电设施建设企业,及时提供相关建筑、设施设备工程竣工图或指认停车区域内电源位置及暗埋管线的走向,配合供电企业确定充电设施配电箱、表箱安装位置、电源走向,并指定专人配合现场勘查、施工。小区业委会、物业应该支持和配合建设,物业不得借机收取费用。相关的主题文章: