Shanghai since the autumn cold tomorrow yesterday morning the temperature rises to 20 degrees (video

Shanghai since the autumn cold tomorrow yesterday morning the temperature rose to 20 degrees above Shanghai in October is the rainy. Reporters learned yesterday from the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory, in October this year, Shanghai rainfall exceeded 278 mm, ranking the same period last year, fourth. But in early November the city was mainly to fine weather, and will continue until at least Sunday. The meteorological department said, in October this year, Shanghai appeared a rare rain weather, also appeared in several rainstorm process. Among them, the Xujiahui station in October cumulative rainfall of 278.6 mm, close to the historical extreme. From 1874 to date record of 100 years, in October this year, ranked fourth in the same period in the history of precipitation (1874-2016). Prior to October 1940, the largest rainfall in October, rainfall of 310.5 mm. In addition, Shanghai precipitation in October is close to or even break the historical extremes (1961-2016). Among them, more than the same period in the history of extreme Baoshan, Pudong, Chongming three areas. It is understood that the cumulative precipitation in each district in October and more than the historical extremes in 2013 and in the year of 1983. Among them, the 2013 rain mainly by Buffett typhoon and cold air combined with the single process caused by. But in October 2016 is the result of a cumulative rainfall process, which is similar to the 1983 10 moon, is caused by the continuous rain weather. After entering in November, Shanghai was quickly high pressure "charge", the sun, blue sky and white clouds. Yesterday, Shanghai weather, blowing 3-4 northerly wind, but in the radiation cooling effect, the morning temperature below 10 DEG C, has become the most since the autumn cold in the morning, but since the second half of 2016 for the first time below 10 DEG C temperature mark. Among them, Xujiahui station for 9.9 degrees, Chongming, the lowest temperature of 6.8 degrees, the rest are near the temperature of 8 degrees. But the day the rising of awesome, the highest temperature rose to 17 degrees Celsius, higher than the previous day rose. Is the blue sky and white clouds weather will stop for a period of time in the city, the rest of the week with sunny to cloudy weather, the highest temperature rise day by day, 4 day back to 20 degrees above the highest temperature. Meteorological experts remind, the temperature of ups and downs, larger temperature difference between day and night, we need to pay attention to timely adjust the dress, to prevent cold. At the same time, the weather is relatively dry, relative humidity 40%-85%, fire weather index in the 4 level of flammable, the public should pay attention to electricity fire safety, pay attention to moisture. The cold autumn cold night: the reporter to experience the most (the video for extension.) Use your finger, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章: