Shanghai is the next day there will be heavy rain in the first four days to escape the rain control barcarolle

Shanghai is the next day there will be heavy rain in the first four days to escape the rain control despite the typhoon "catfish" yesterday morning in Fujian after landing has been gradually weakened, but it brings moisture and cold combination, Shanghai is the fear of being heavy rain today and tomorrow’s invasion. According to the precipitation forecast of the central meteorological station, four days before the national day, Shanghai is still a rain. In addition, the eighteenth typhoon this year, "Siam hop yesterday morning has been generated, will be in the holiday in the late Eastern Sea near Taiwan. Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta precipitation continued to national day early yesterday to today, typhoon "catfish" body and peripheral rain brings to the eastern coastal region of Zhejiang Province, Fujian and Jiangxi, the storm caused severe impact, rainfall may reach the local heavy rain to heavy rain. By "low pressure catfish" weakened and cold air, and on the 30 day, with a concentration of Jianghuai rainfall, local rainfall of up to 150 to 200 mm. For 23000, more recently during the rain weather, may be accompanied by thunder and lightning and Short-time Heavy rainfall. Today to tomorrow, the cumulative rainfall of up to 40 to 80 mm, local even more than 100 mm, one hour maximum rainfall intensity of 30 to 40 mm hours, mainly concentrated in the middle of the rainy season to noon today. Today the northeast wind 5 gust 6-7, east of the Yangtze River Estuary 6 gust 7-8 tomorrow, the highest temperature of 25 degrees, the minimum temperature of 22 degrees. The precipitation forecasts from the Central Meteorological Observatory of the national day, four days, Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region to escape the rain control. In October 1st 2, Nanjing, Hefei, the precipitation areas in northern Jiangsu, reached moderate level. October 2nd, more precipitation near Hangzhou, intends to go to the area of public attention. Overall, however, the precipitation showed a decreasing trend. No. eighteenth typhoon "Siam hop generation holiday in the late Eastern Taiwan near the eighteenth typhoon this year," Siam hop "(tropical storm level) on the 28 day at 2 o’clock in the morning in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, yesterday afternoon 14 when its center is located in Guam north east direction about 290 kilometers northwest of the Pacific Ocean, wind near the center 8 class. Expected, "Siam hop" will be the speed of 25 kilometers per hour to move west, up to the strongest typhoon. After October 3rd, "Siam hop" will gradually close to the eastern coast of Taiwan.相关的主题文章: