Shanghai District 7 elevator fault monitoring frequent theft monitoring disrepair roselip

Shanghai district monitoring fault frequent theft 7 West Park District Jun disrepair elevator monitoring control room screen appears multi block screen "a OMEGA and a Gucci watch, a diamond necklace, a gold necklace, a anklet, a diamond ring, a jade ring and a ruby ring. A large jade." Yao aunt who lives in Anyuan Road West Jun Park District, speaking of the home stolen jewelry, she verbatim said three times, of which a jade ring is when she got married to her mother; and a ruby ring to her colleagues clubbed together to buy a wedding gift. February of this year, in September and in the year of October, Nishibe Junsono District occurred more than theft, and district monitoring has been accused of bad for a long time, there are 12 floors of the elevator control of the 7 buildings are bad, but there has been no maintenance. Precious jewelry looted home West Garden 7 Jun Yao aunt recently has been depressed, in October 26th, she was ready to go out and old party colleagues, open the wardrobe jewelry box, was stunned in front of a scene, there was no jewelry watches! "Is it a thief in the house?" Yao aunt will tell the neighbors know this matter, in October 13th with 8 building owners a layer also has been stolen. After the incident, Yao aunt to the district control room take control, "13 on the afternoon of two strange men from the 7 seat hall out of the bag full, one mouth also a cigarette". "A OMEGA and a Gucci watch, a diamond necklace, a gold necklace……" Aunt Yao word to say three times, some emotional excitement. Residential theft is not the case in November 2nd, reporters came to the West District Chun Park to understand the situation, Yao aunt in and stolen reporters about the situation at home, there are several owners said, the home also had stolen. Mr. Zhang’s retirement home early in February this year was stolen, Mr. Zhang and his wife now all day live at ease, rest when hearing the movement, immediately ran to the living room and other rooms around, for fear of another thief. The thief stole a few pieces of expensive watches Mr. Zhang and his wife and nearly a thousand dollars, but they were most worried about his personal safety: "after the February theft, and we reflect the property of the camera useless, then no echo." A few months ago, Nishibe Junsono district residents to see the door of the building posted a property notice, community residents should pay attention to the recent theft occurred in many cases near the district……" Several residents of what is near the cell by common consent,? Clearly is our district ah!" Many residents have expressed dissatisfaction with the notice, directly to the comments in the notice, there is a small camera fault reads: "for many years, useless". Most of the elevator monitoring is half a year ago the old house was stolen a bad ", if the property and industry attention, I am afraid it won’t happen again so much theft?" Yao aunt’s husband said, they had to adjust the monitor after the incident, found that the elevator monitoring was dark, only the camera caught the thief. The enthusiasm of the owners of high aunt with a reporter came to the district control room, 4 main console display monitor on C相关的主题文章: