Shanghai customs entry shall declare tax over iphone7 articles will be returned

Shanghai Customs: articles iPhone7 entry must declare tax charges will be shipped back pictures from the network London September 20th news: the latest release of iPhone7 after the release, many fruit powder found in Hongkong’s official website price and the market price of the United States are cheaper than Shanghai, we intend to travel by taking a few back, and use as a gift to friends and relatives, the price affordable, feel special face. Shanghai customs reminded passengers to carry the purchase of iPhone7 entry, should be declared to the customs, and in accordance with the 15% rate of tax procedures. In fact, including iPhone, all mobile phones, tablets, computers and other common electronic products, are taxable goods. The fruit powder or first understand the related immigration policy before deciding to exit specially to buy it. Try to keep the receipt according to the provisions of the General Administration of Customs in 2010 Notice No. fifty-fourth, residents passengers 5000 yuan tax exemption, but the announcement also stated that "tobacco products, alcoholic products and the provisions of the State shall be taxed as the other 20 kinds of goods in accordance with the relevant provisions". These 20 kinds of goods: televisions, cameras, video recorders, video machines, audio equipment, air conditioner, refrigerator (freezer), washing machine, cameras, copiers, program-controlled telephone switches, micro computers and peripherals, telephone, wireless paging system, fax machine, electronic calculator, typewriter and word processor, furniture, lamps and lanterns and the meal material. Among them, iPhone7 is not 20 the range of goods duty-free, so is the need to pay taxes at the time of entry. Moreover, comes with a self belonging to the iphone7, before the customs should take the initiative to declare and pay taxes. In accordance with the provisions of the entry and exit of passenger luggage should be reasonable amount of personal use as the principle, which refers to the use of their own personal use, gift friends and relatives rather than for sale or rental, etc.. According to the announcement of the General Administration of Customs on 2016 twenty-fifth, iPhone7 should be classified as "touch screen mobile phone", the tax rate of 15%. Because Apple products of different specifications and models in different periods of prices, and therefore, no announcement of the General Administration of Customs on the dutiable value of Apple products made out. Proposal to provide real transaction invoices or receipts, so as to assess the customs reference. Based on a iPhone7 (32GB) mobile phone as an example: the official website of the Hongkong price of 5588 Hong Kong dollars, equivalent to RMB tax price of about 4800 yuan, the tax rate of 15%, should pay taxes 720 yuan. Need to be reminded that: with the same type of iPhone7 mobile phone market price of 5388 yuan mainland, slightly less than $5520 ($4800 +720) total. So it seems, to go to Hongkong to buy clearance but also to pay taxes, the country actually cheaper. The excess will be shipped back online to a person, pass box, as long as the mobile phone to pull down the iphone7 body, packing box and put it in the bag, so as not to be checked. Shanghai customs clearly pointed out that on the clearance of inward and outward behavior have inspection requirements, in accordance with the provisions of the iPhone7 entry is taxed. Passengers who are not active.相关的主题文章: