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Seven hundred the money deposited for eight hundred years   3 pounds of rice money now — very valuable painting — original title: seven hundred paper money eight hundred years to save money now 3 pounds of rice this year is very valuable, the world’s first period of Southern Song Dynasty Guan enactus notes — the 885 anniversary. On September 1st, the results show for the first time in its original exhibition in Hangzhou, the successful reduction of "Southern Song Dynasty son of" also show. In today’s world, more than 7 billion people use paper money. China is the invention of paper money. Notes, and early filial child, when the world economy is produced in the most advanced China in Song dynasty. Here, only the Southern Song Dynasty in West Lake will, "" would make Chishan Lake "paper bureau" created 1 billion 400 million through. After the Yuan Dynasty, when the bill spread in Asia and Europe, paper money has been used in China for more than 270 years. Unfortunately, there is no kind of money in the song dynasty. A full name is "in the service of goods: gold and silver money on?", the so-called "line", is a guide for the song capital of Ling’an Prefecture, which is now in Hangzhou; "Que goods service" signed for the song official, Zhang Jinbo, food trade etc.. According to historical records, in the winter of 1131, the imperial Ministry of India and the money on pay for the first time, between Wuzhou in Hangzhou, more exercise, 885 years ago. The note Version (metal templates for banknotes in July 1983 in Anhui province) scrap Dongzhi County transit was found in the warehouse, a full set of eight, China is now the only to see the most complete version of the Song Dynasty notes, extremely rare, was designated as the "Museum level cultural relics". "As the capital of the Southern Song of Hangzhou is on the original. According to the "dream Liang Lu" records, "be a sub Bureau in Chishan lake.". And "Xian Chun Chi Ling’an" clearly marked "specific position paper, namely sub bureau" in the hall near the South Gate of Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond sages. A day at the most, only 1200 people." The Hangzhou Numismatic Museum curator Tu Yanzhi said, "in 2009, for the reduction of Southern Song Dynasty Guan, Hangzhou Academy of social sciences will be on technology research project, and in the same year on restoration success in Southern Song Dynasty notes, called" Jichou on model "." Later, the research results about the model of the speech, Tu Yanzhi was held in Shanghai International Coin Bank and museum committee of the seventeenth session of the world congress. The reduction of the Southern Song Dynasty Guan people found that it has much in common with today’s notes. First of all, it has a face value. This is about the denomination "Yi Guan province". The so-called "province", is the lack of penetration, the number of this street, on the value of the equivalent of "seven hundred and seventy paper money". How much is it? Tu curator said, in accordance with the king set five years in the Jinhua region, the price of rice can be purchased through the money through the 4, about $3 can buy about 770 pounds of rice. The notes on the back is the scenery on the map, which is printed on the back of the more than and 100 word "Chi Wen", content for the legal provisions on the crime of counterfeiting matter, that is quite strict, "fake people regardless of the first from the parallel execution". Secondly, there are security measures about, with Aquarius, bottle filled with gold and silver like teeth, and other objects, such as decoration decoration and auspicious clouds, complex. The paper used for printing on, but also does not allow private circulation "special paper". Song)相关的主题文章: