San Carlos Luxury Cars Dealer Will Offer A Bmw With An N55 Engine-vstart

Automobiles Engine technology is starting to blow my mind. Not that Im an engineer or anything, but holy cow is this stuff getting .plex. And leave it to one of the worlds most endearing luxury brands to kick the technology up a notch. BMW really is a leader in the industry, and drivers of San Carlos luxury cars understand exactly what Im talking about. I remember a few years ago when Toyota was just launching hybrid technology. It seemed like a lot of the luxury brands were simply behind because they thought they could get away with it. Turned out they couldnt, and BMW was on the cutting edge of the luxury hybrid movement. If you were one of the premiere luxury brands in the world, I bet youd have some pretty serious engineers working on your engine technology as well. Still, there is a lot to be said about a manufacturer that acts as a leader in innovation, and Belmont luxury cars enthusiasts know to go to BMW. The current twin-turbocharged inline six engine, known as the N54, is about to get a replacement. Im talking about the brand new N55 engine which has been fully equipped in the 2010 BMW 5 Series GT. Dealers of San Carlos luxury cars are already enjoying the benefits that this fantastic engine has to offer drivers around the area. There are some similarities and some differences between the N54 and the N55 which we will go over next. For similarities, the N55 shares an all-aluminum block, direct injection system and 10.2:1 .pression ratio with its predecessor, the N54. The nice thing about the new N55 is that it only jacks up the weight by 4 pounds, an important point to note for Belmont luxury cars dealers. But, perhaps the differences are the most important part. In fact, the N55 has a few key differentiators that set it apart from its predecessor. First of all, the N55 offers Twin Power, a single twin-scroll turbocharger that replaces the two smaller turbochargers offered by the N54. And San Carlos luxury cars dealers also are excited about the fact that its the second BMW inline six to use Valvetronic. The Valvtronic system has a built-in electric motor on the cylinder head that continuously varies the amount of valve lift. In the end, the Valvetronic system plays such a huge role that it reduces fuel consumption by 8 percent. Drivers of Belmont luxury cars also like that it quickens response time when youre cruising at low load and suddenly need to kick into a wide-open throttle. These are huge innovations for the auto industry, and one of the biggest names on the market is leading the charge. BMW is still one of my favorite manufacturers and will continue to be for the remainder of my driving days. Im keeping my eye on them to be the first in a generation of hybrid technology, as I have high hopes for this .pany. Head on down to a BMW dealership today to find out what Im talking about. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: