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UnCategorized Although network based marketing has been called an MLM pyramid scheme by many, people who have the right mindset and desires have been able to start and maintain multi-million dollar network based marketing businesses. What happens to most people is that they are attracted to MLM by false or exaggerated marketing. They quit after a few months and think all network based marketing opportunities are pyramid schemes. They heard someone speak at a seminar who just quit their job and made $22,000 in their first 30 days in the business. Or they were attracted to the opportunity by another network based marketer who told them that MLM is easy, part-time work that would make them thousands a month in no time etc. If you are a smart network marketer or business owner, then you know what a load of crap all of that get rich quick stuff is. 90% of network marketers have the wrong mindset going into the business and are expecting immediate results with little effort. That is why they all fail. Then, to justify their failure, they go out and tell everybody they know that network based marketing is a pyramid scheme. This is how MLM has gotten a bad stereotype over the years. If you want to be a successful network based marketer then you should follow these mental guidelines: * Thoughts are things so always think positive. If you have a negative thought, stop yourself and replace it with a good one. Always envision success for yourself and your business * Make very specific goals for your network based marketing business * Be determined and stay focused on achieving those goals no matter what it takes * Don’t listen to the people who say your business is a MLM pyramid scheme * Learn as much as you can about how to market and run your MLM business successfully from successful people. * Be persistent and never give up * You are a professional business owner so: look, act, talk, and listen like one What’s ironic about most of the people that give up on network marketing is that they go right back to working in a corporate environment. A corporate environment is structured just like a pyramid, but unlike network marketing, people are stuck at the bottom of a corporation’s pyramid, with no way to the top. In most corporations you have a CEO at the top, other high executives right below him/her, and then you usually have another few layers of presidents, vice presidents, and assistant vice presidents of different departments. Within each department there are multiple levels of management and assistant management. Finally, you have supervisors and regular employees of the company. As you can see, corporate environments are multi-leveled too, except the top positions are reserved for people who were born there. The income variation within the corporate pyramid is staggering and, unfortunately, no matter how long or how hard the people at the bottom work they will never even come close to living the lifestyle of the guy at the top. Are you seeing my point? The corporate pyramid is one that locks you in with little room for advancement from level to level, while the people at the top of the pyramid are living the high life making millions off of the efforts of their managers and employees. Now, based on the info above, which is more of a pyramid scheme, network based marketing or the corporate job environment? Network based marketing is more rewarding than the corporate scheme because your income is unlimited. You get rewarded by how smart you work, you can make money while you are sleeping, your business can double or triple in size and income year after year. You can travel and work when you want to. Basically, you can have and do whatever it is that you want (financial freedom). You just have to follow the mental guidelines laid out above and learn a good network marketing business plan and stick to it until you are successful. The next time someone tells you that network based marketing is an MLM pyramid scheme, ask them what they do for a living and explain to them the true structure of their job. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: