Pregnant women give birth by roadside umbrella Jian delivery room

Pregnant women give birth by roadside umbrella built delivery room enthusiastic people sent food and clothing for the maternal parent. Sleeping in the infant baby. Ray photography Far East Road people take an umbrella "delivery room" street children alone pregnant women after 120 emergency treatment, but she refused to go to hospital for treatment… The morning of September 21st, in the city of Chengdu Huang floor West Road a ring road, a young pregnant woman suddenly knees can not afford, rupture of the amniotic fluid, looking at. The critical moment, in the vicinity of business for a number of well intentioned businesses, large sunshade, and from the family moved to quilt, mat, several experienced lady surrounded a group on the side of the road, set up a temporary delivery room. Well intentioned people while midwifery, call 120 for help. Fortunately, a plump baby born, mother and child. This positive energy is far from the end: a good sister brought baby clothes from home, also traditionally cooked a bowl of glutinous rice Poached Egg for pregnant women to eat. A man paid 400 yuan for milk powder and a bottle of milk, and some went home by bike…… Unexpected pregnant women give birth to build "delivery room" umbrella passers-by in Jinjiang District Huang floor West Road, a vegetable market in a makeshift market, after the demolition of housing has been a mess, very lonely. 21 am at about 11 am, a young pregnant woman appeared in the market alone, she has a big stomach, slow action, pale, looks very painful. "Splash!" All of a sudden, pregnant women with a soft foot, fell in the rubble of the side of the road, his hands tightly covered his stomach, kept moaning…… This scene, just in the market to do business Wei sister saw, she quickly ran past the pregnant woman. At this time, the amniotic fluid of pregnant women have broken down, looking at. "Oh dear! Afraid that it is to be born!" Wei sister while caring for pregnant women, while shouting for help. Soon, several other businesses in the market to run over, several experienced lady decided to call 120, while at the roadside to take a temporary delivery room. Looking for someone to put a shop with large umbrellas; someone from the home to hold out a mat; some people use their own quilt out…… In the shade under the umbrella, well intentioned ladies surrounded a group of pregnant women, put onto the mat, let her head in the quilt, started a midwifery. Warm heart good sister end Laozaoping Poached Egg at 12 in the morning, the sound of a baby crying broke the tension, the child was born safely, is a white fat boy. Mother and son to see peace, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Soon, 120 ambulances rushed to the scene, the medical staff cut the baby’s umbilical cord, do emergency treatment for postpartum women. However, when the medical staff to bring back to the hospital of maternal convalesce, this young mother refused medical treatment, said "do not want to go to the hospital……" See the child naked, Wei sister also worked around, the children find a baby clothes. Pregnant women after production is very weak, be sure to fill." She ran home, according to the old habits, neat and quick, cooked a bowl of glutinous rice Poached Egg end up, hand feed for pregnant women to eat. In the vicinity of the site work of migrant workers children brother heard the news rushed over, saw the mother sat on the roadside, immediately went to the supermarket to spend 400 yuan to buy a pot of milk, a bottle. "Kids can’t be hungry all the time!.相关的主题文章: