Phone posing as a leader in the implementation of fraud in Zhengzhou, a financial officer cheated te xhero

Lead the implementation of fraud in Zhengzhou phone posing as a financial officer cheated tens of thousands of source: Henan Daily reporter Gao Peng "leadership for a new mobile phone SMS notification number", "school requires parents to open the link view student assessment", recently, Zhengzhou citizens in the new liar, cheated several million respectively. How did they get cheated? Listen to the analysis of the Zhengzhou police, teach you "move". [cases] "telephone fraud posing as the leading"   in August this year, Zhengzhou a company’s financial officer Zhang received a text message, the company Wang mobile phone number sent to the contents of Zhang, said: "my number into 189xxxxxxxx, after this call." Zhang will be the new number saved as Wang Zongxin cell phone number". After that, Zhang every time to ask for work, call the Wang Zongxin cell phone number, the phone is indeed the king of the total answer the phone. A few days later, the total arrangement of the king Zhang booked a ticket to Beijing the next day, Zhang quickly booked and reported to Wang, Wang also confirmed that the airline received a text message reminder. Just before the departure of the total flight to take off, Zhang received Wang Zongxin mobile phone number sent a text message: you immediately turn x million to Lee’s account, the plane is about to take off, and later to say." SMS attached to Lee’s account number and account name, Zhang subsequently transferred to the account of several million. Wang always under the plane, Zhang did not know the total Wang did not change the phone number, there is no requirement to transfer. So far, Zhang cheated several million yuan. [see] Hao Rui cheat analysis method of Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau anti fraud center false information director of the "three steps" said, liar manipulation is not wise, nor the existence of high-tech means, which is typical of the "three steps" fraud. The first step, a liar to the boss of the company or leading mobile phone implanted trojan virus, mobile phone mail list after obtaining bulk SMS to a contact, said machine main replacement of the mobile phone number, the number of suspects lured the victim will be saved as boss of the company or the leadership of the phone. The second step, using the call transfer function, the suspect’s call to the boss or leader of the real numbers, when the victim telephone call back, is the boss or leader to answer, eliminate the alert. The third step, the use of mobile phone Trojan program to get the boss or the leadership of the content of the message, and found that the opportunity to temporarily close the phone and other aircraft, took the opportunity to send a message to the financial staff or subordinates, requiring remittances.相关的主题文章: