Phoenix Science and technology tex send iphone7 invited friends have points draw

Phoenix Technology TeX to send iPhone7 to invite friends to integral lottery Apple conference Cook’s voice is always said that apple The tune lingered in the room., released a best iPhone, but you are a feeling of your iPhone7, actually really good, with mobile phone configuration, color, appearance: never mind, with their maximum the wallet, after all scold iPhone7 ugly said not to buy, or because you and I are the same poor. You do not buy your poor, but does not hinder us to send you a iPhone7 ah. Phoenix Technology TeX now to send a iPhone7, participation in specific ways and rules are as follows: 1, the event for all the attention Phoenix TeX WeChat public number of users (ID:ifengdigi), did not concern the user concerned after can also participate in activities; 2, all TeX users, invited never concern over new users’ attention TeX TeX, you can get 1 points, this integral can draw the number of bets; 3, each user invitation is not restricted, for example you can invite 1000 people to focus on TeX, then you can get 1000 points, 1000 note, the chance of winning the 4, to participate in nature; methods: to find the "activities" in the TeX in the lower right corner, click invite code, click on the upper right corner of the circle of friends to share the invitation code or sent to their friends, friends after scanning the two-dimensional code on TeX, direct Reply to the invitation code, you can get 1 points, 1 points =1 times to get the chance of iPhone7. Rules: 1, invite attention TeX friends must have never been concerned about TeX, attention again after the cancellation of attention, not included in the category of new friends, means you can not access points; 2, time for the 9.8-9.19 00:00, invested in this period of time are available, you have the opportunity to one-time all bets can be divided into 3 batches, betting betting; after that, please in the bottom right corner of the TeX activity, click the personal center view award-winning state; 4, winning the user to add phoenix old driver micro signal (ID:tex-ifeng), contact our customer service staff for awarding. You can’t afford to buy iPhone7, daughter-in-law have broken iPhone6s you still use millet 1 you are still struggling to fix the screen of the high cost of depression is still the envy of others with you, iPhone7 you, no matter who, in the lottery are equal before, soon to invite your friends, hard, integral many opportunities.相关的主题文章: